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Ukraine was the arms Park for the aggressors and terrorists

The Ukrainian authorities have turned the country into a laundering centre of the black market weapons. Only for 2017 the country was accused of selling rocket engines to North Korea and arms shipments to southern Sudan in circumvention of international sanctions and the Treaty on arms trade

According to data published by the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI), for the period from 2013 to 2017, Ukraine took the 11th place among world arms exporters.

During this time the country has provided 1.7 percent of total world exports. Thus from 2008 to 2017, the supply of weapons from Ukraine decreased by 26%.

The main customers of Ukraine, according to the report, during this time, were Russia (23%), China (20%) and Thailand (12%).

But for Ukraine’s entrenched notoriety: 14 August 2017 the American newspaper the New York Times reported that North Korea probably bought on the black market rocket engines, manufactured at the Ukrainian factory “Pivdenmash.” Ukrainian authorities reacted quickly: the Secretary of Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov said that “this anti-Ukrainian campaign provoked by Russian special services to cover up its involvement in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.”

And in September of the same year, in its report, Amnesty International accused the Ukrainian company “Ukrinmash”, part of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” in supplying weapons to South Sudan in circumvention of international sanctions and in violation of the signed Treaty on arms trade (Arms Trade Treaty).

In turn, the company “Ukrinmash” denies involvement in the scandal, stating that they never supplied weapons to South Sudan.

While skandalnoe the glory of Ukraine as a “Laundry” for the illegal sale of arms has established long and well.

“Mail scandal”: a special operation against Kuchma

24 September 2002 the speaker of the US state Department accused Ukraine of the illegal shipments to Iraq, the arms embargo, the Soviet development of: passive electronic intelligence “Mail”. This air defense system Ukraine inherited as a legacy from the Soviet Union. Climbed up a big international scandal. The United States has suspended assistance and support to Kyiv. Ukraine’s reputation suffered greatly, and the popularity of the then President of Ukraine has fallen sharply.

The President then was Leonid Kuchma. As it turned out, the whole “mail scandal” as it was called by the press, was simple sabotage operation against the United States, specifically the President. The U.S. suspicion that Kuchma wants to go for a third term, which intends to change the Constitution. But Washington had a different plan altogether, and from overseas has hit a number of areas. Has published “films of Melnichenko” paid street protests “Ukraine without Kuchma” and made “mail scandal”.

The story ended went. No “chain Mail” in Iraq was, as weapons of mass destruction. The US state Department was just taking the propaganda of sabotage against their enemies. However, the story of the “Kolchuga”, oddly enough, had a very unexpected continuation many years later, on 20 April 2018.

Year 2018: “chain Mail”

The former Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine, Evgeny Chervonenko, in a live television broadcast said that “Chainmail” out of the Ukraine and now it will work in the West.

“Now it (the equipment) is removed, belongs to private individuals and will develop in Europe, in NATO, unfortunately, not with us” — said Chervonenko.

It is surprising, especially remembering “mail scandal”, there is no official reaction to the words of a man who was involved and sponsored two of the Maidan, was not followed. Former Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine took off from the political boat, look at him as a downed pilot. And he is to cry out to former colleagues, started a personal program, where he says whatever he wants.

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© commons.wikimedia.org, Vitaly V. Kuzmin

Automatic station passive electronic reconnaissance “Kolchuga-M”

But the information, in fact, scandalous. Until now Ukraine has never sold “Kolchuga” to individuals. Only officially, only the armed forces of other States. Ukrainian journalists that in 2002 he wrote thousands of articles and removed hundreds of stories about “Mail scandal”, it would be worthwhile to ask your state the question: how is “individuals” sold, which the US almost declared war on Ukraine? But journalists like no questions asked. And the state of Ukraine after the coup d’etat of such information does not publish.

“Chinese” scheme

But when the ousted Yanukovych such information published. In 2013 complexes “Kolchuga” sold to Vietnam and Azerbaijan. Long before this, “Kuchma regime,” the station put in China, Ethiopia, and Turkmenistan. For money, of course. After the “orange revolution” mobile air defense system was considered toxic, and President Yushchenko was never able to sell it to anyone. But put the “Armor” of Georgia. The aggressor country, which attacked South Ossetia and destroyed during “the war 08.08.08”.

For example, the fate of the Soviet “Armor” we see that Ukraine as a country-the gun dealer, owner of a vast Soviet Arsenal, and the Soviet arms production base, has ceased to be a major player in the market. The country has a unique development, and what is sold to whom they could.

The simplest example — the fate of Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Varyag”. In 1998 it was sold to a Chinese company Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd for $ 25 million. On securities — for the equipment on this floating entertainment center. But this was obvious fraud, so the giant carrier’s sixteen months spent in the Bosphorus. It is important to remind that in this story played a role, and the United States. It is under pressure from Washington, the Turkish authorities detained the “Varyag”.

Who bought a Soviet aircraft carrier, which is now called the Liaoning, is the flagship of the Chinese Navy, and in may 2018 in the first voyage went to its exact copy, Pinyin? A private person! His name is Xu Jingping. A private entrepreneur, a citizen of China, lawfully acquired the unfinished ship at the auction. He paid $ 25 million to the Ukrainian government, five of the company tugs. And when the “Varyag” was put to the quay wall at the far (Dalian), the state Council of the PRC returned to the businessman specified in the securities of the money.

For a beautiful point in this particular story adds that while Chinese shipbuilders at the shipyard of the city far remade “Varyag” into “Liaoning”, Chinese aircraft manufacturers have produced for him a carrier-based fighter Shenyang J-15. Exact copy of Soviet su-33, which under the code name T-10-K was purchased by China from Ukraine.

New scandal that was hushed up USA

Here, in the graph gets another story, which we have already mentioned. In August 2017 policy-forming American edition of the New York Times, citing a report by the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS) and data security services announced that Ukraine has supplied in the DPRK rocket engines R-250 from the Soviet heavy ICBM R-36 (NATO classification — SS-9) that the North Korean rocket scientists has established its missile Hwasong-14.

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© RIA Novosti, Ilya Pitalev | go to photo Bank

This information, given the fact that in 2017 , Donald trump is not only called Kim Jong-UN in Twitter, but naturally was preparing to attack North Korea, was scandalous. But the scandal on the model “mail” followed. For political reasons. Because Poroshenko is not Kuchma, and the yard was in 2017. Although scandal followed, but as they say, osadochek remained, especially if you read to the end of the NYT article.

And it says that the engine R-250 and R-36 was produced in Dnipropetrovsk “Yuzhmash”.

“It is a Ukrainian company, for the post — 2017, journalists William broad and David Sanger, — deprived of Russian orders following the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, and sent the engines in the DPRK”.

“Probably, these engines are transported from Ukraine smuggling, said in an interview with NYT, the IISS expert Michael Ellemann. The biggest question is how many of these engines and to help the Ukrainians, the DPRK now. Personally, I am very concerned about this.”

And personally, I am concerned about others. The fact that the US, which has long held the Ukrainian military-industrial complex on the autopsy table in the morgue, knowing that the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych will turn Ukraine on the world arms market in the black hole. Which sucks all the shadow segment and delivers any kind of lethal machinery anywhere in the world.

Ukraine became the fourth country in the world

A year ago, the center for the study of corruption and organized crime, OCCRP published an investigation, which States that European manufacturers supply arms to Africa and the middle East (including in Syria), using the production capacity of Ukraine, its defense companies as intermediaries and “washout base” in order to disguise the origin of the goods.

As evidence provides, in 2015 and 2016, the Ukrainian state arms exporting “Ukrinmash” signed agreements with customers in Uganda and Burundi on the sale of 59 amphibious armoured patrol vehicles. But the cars really were not Ukrainian.

The vehicle value of not less than 4.1 million dollars purchased in Poland, EU member state, regulated by strict rules on arms export. They were sent to Ukraine in parts, and then 45 of them were exported to East Africa through the United Arab Emirates.

It is not just the sale to the Soviet legacy. Ukraine is used in the shady scheme of world arms sales. A black hole, or rather a kind of “Laundry” for washing and resale of weapons to the countries to which EU member States to sell it directly not eligible. And control over the “event horizon” where no one and nothing can be seen, the American partners of Kiev

Tracks USA is in all the stories given in this article. That’s the whole scheme of the Ukraine for 27 years, has managed to lose all that was inherited from the Soviet Union and has become a country not even the third or fourth world. And it is very dangerous. Because Western partners holding a finger on the pulse, at any time can get rid of the useful idiots.


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