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Ukraine simply has nothing to offer

Украине просто нечего предложить

Ukraine broke through another vertex, and became one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment. Such news on the eve of pleased with all patriots to local media, saying that Ukraine took first place in the list of States, EMEA, becoming the most profitable investment in Europe, Africa and Central Asia. Confirmed the new “Peremoga” and the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk, identifying her to the merits of the Cabinet of Ministers, persistently and efficiently to promote European reforms, which helped to create the country’s investment story.

Naturally, such news cannot but raise well-founded suspicions, especially acute on the background of recent reports of the state statistics service, from which it follows that the volume of capital investments in Ukraine halved in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period last year.

Journalists tried to understand the reasons for such inconsistencies of indicators and asked for comments to the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko. The expert explained that the Ministry of Finance did not particularly embellished. There is indeed such a publication Institutional Investor and specializiruetsya it to draw up the economic rankings. That’s just the accuracy of their estimates does not cause a drop of confidence, and around the world.

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The guys really did a survey and 32% of respondents chose Ukraine as the optimal locations for investment, part voted for Kenya and Nigeria. According to Okhrimenko, these surveys are absolutely nothing, because their members are usually very far from the financial market and never invested. They are simply called States, which are quickly remembered, because they are now hearing.

The reality easily refutes any foreign research and Amateur, in fact. According to official data provided by the state statistic Committee, Ukraine for 7 months of 2017 came in $ 1.4 billion of direct investment. According to Okhrimenko, these figures are ridiculous and they only confirmed one bitter truth – Ukraine is now absolutely nothing to offer investors.

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Now even Gabon, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone have attracted more investors than Ukraine, which cannot even guarantee the security business on-site. Okhrimenko recalled that until recently, the main investor in Ukraine, despite all the cries of Russophobia was to Russia, which is only in Ukrainian banks in 2016 has invested $ 2.5 billion, which accounted for 72% of all foreign investment in that period. Now Russia has reduced its investment, for obvious reasons, and the Ukraine were, roughly speaking, with a bare ass. In 2017 it a little more to feed Holland, and then mere crumbs. That is, the state only has to attract potential investors, running headlong away after the first meeting.


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