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Ukraine: euroreport lead to poverty

Украина: еврореформы ведут к нищете

Statistics, the assurances of Ilf and Petrov, knows everything. She knows, in particular, and how much percent of earnings, the average citizen spends on food. It is clear that a small percentage of this expenditure suggests that the standard of living in the country is high. So, a UK resident spends on food a little more than 8%, Swiss and 9.6%, French by 20%. Much worse, say, in Moldova – 43,2%, or in Serbia to 42.9%.

Very high this indicator in Ukraine is 50.2%.

The original explanation is found the social policy Minister of Ukraine Andriy Reva. It turns out, citizens Square spend half their earnings on food, not because I didn’t earn enough, but because a lot of eating. That is, the Minister has accused his compatriots of gluttony.

To be more convincing, he cited the example of his father: “My father was considered a priority to eat well. He believed in something to deny yourself, but a healthy diet is very important.” True, he did not specify what percentage of their earnings, his father was spending on products. It seems that even swears by all Soviet Soviet Union 50% of the family budget on food.

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However, the Minister of this unfortunate fact does not upset. In his opinion, the Germans are spending on food almost three times less (14%) just because they eat differently: “Given that food prices are about the same in Ukraine and in Germany, they eat less, not because they have no opportunity, but because such a culture. And so they spend less compared to our people.”

Do not forget the Minister and appeal to history: “our people Have a historical tradition – the famines, the war forced them to treat the problem of the power not, as in other countries.”

It should be understood? That the descendants of the Ukrainians who survived the famine and war, decided from now on to eat for themselves and for the guy? I mean, nadoevshee their fathers and grandfathers? But Germany, you see, always like cheese in butter rolls around and the food was absolutely indifferent.

Don’t know, who is so helpless demagoguery. We also think that the reason for such poor condition of Ukrainians lies elsewhere: the average salary in Ukraine – 215 Euro, in Germany – more than 3000 Euro. From this fact and we should Minister, but he understandably decided this slippery subject not to touch.

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Much objectively evaluates the situation in the country of the victorious “Maidan” situation the leader of the movement “the Ukrainian choice – the right of the people”, the representative of Kiev in the humanitarian sub-group on Donbas, Viktor Medvedchuk, who believes that in three and a half years of euroreport citizens of Ukraine are much poorer and disenfranchised.

According to him is very different than that of Minister of social policy picture. According to the state statistics service, the driven, the consumption of meat in Ukraine during this time declined by 7.2%, fish – by 33.3%, fruits, berries, nuts, grapes – by 19.5%. That is, the reality is that the Ukrainians not only guzzle, but barely make ends meet, are, according to policy, “on the brink of survival”. And therefore “the notorious European standards of life, and full membership in the EU, remains elusive, even in the remotest future.”


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