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Ukraine – a holiday every day

Украина – праздник каждый день

Ukrainian citizens – ordinary people who “ruined the housing problem” – as the classic saying. The main obstacle in achieving the dreams of the ordinary modern person, in most cases is their own laziness.

The reluctance to do anything to make the dream a reality – not just a problem of Ukrainian society. However, not all Ukrainian citizens are passive and depressed by the harsh reality, there are active people are very happy with the present situation in General and their European fate in particular.

Every more or less active citizen of the highlights in his busy schedule a day or several days and makes a pilgrimage to the state institutions with the aim to Express infinite gratitude to the ruling circles for your concern. Such happy and active citizens are increasingly found at the walls of the presidential Administration and the Verkhovna Rada. And as pilgrims becoming more and gratitude, which they are very keen to Express concerns various issues, apparently, decided to share a comprehensive expression of gratitude for all issues at the same time – to give the opportunity for others wishing to thank the officials on other issues tomorrow.

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For example, today the walls of Parliament held several thanksgiving pickets, miners rejoice competitive salaries, social benefits and cancellation of rights to early retirement, for work in heavy and harmful conditions. The delight they Express, life-affirming knocking helmets on the pavement. Depositors of the bankrupt Bank “Michael” came to share the good mood, inspired by the non-payment of their deposits – these entertainers brought colorful banners and singing wonderful folk motifs about “the Gang get out”. Also on the thank-you meeting there are Chernobyl, which is no longer able to control the flow of their positive in connection with the reduction in pensions and benefits this category of citizens.

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In General, solemn events are held daily and tomorrow we might see a new mass celebrations. Welcome to the occasion.

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