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Trump spit on us and laughed

Трамп вертел нас и смеялся

Trump proposed to remove the bar of the public debt of the United States. So this debt could grow to unlimited proportions.

Now the increase must be approved in several instances that when the previous President used to stop the work of state institutions. Not to torture yourself and friends “unnecessary chore”, trump decided to get rid of unnecessary conventions.

While the dollar remains the main currency, the nominal increase in U.S. government debt do not affect the American economy. All the scary stories about the fed in this case is the entire truth – in these “green papers” the essence of the global financial system, and get away from this nowhere.

Formally, the growth of public debt may briefly and not very strongly reflected in exchange rate stability. The dollar insignificantly go down. But because of the reasons to fall without stopping had no noticeable effect will not happen.
And the depreciation is due to the fact that, taking other countries in any form, is equal to the loan amount will be printed dollars. Their volume in the economy will increase, and when something a lot, the value drops. That is, the price of the dollar will be slightly lower. But not for long.

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In General the policy of growth of public debt is completely contrary to what was originally a year ago, presented as its program candidate Donald trump. His isolationism with the transfer of production, increase of import duties, cancellation of trading partnerships and even increase the key rate assumed definite strengthening (appreciation) of the dollar. Apparently, it wasn’t more than pre-election populism.

Joining the presidency, trump has completely changed their priorities. Apparently, realized how large and influential China and its economy, how high the danger for markets expansion in Asia. Evaluated all projects in Railways and other routes of delivery of certain goods (including raw materials to the interests of the energy industry), and realized that his country though strong, but isolated “great” existence is not ready. Maybe China has hinted that the transfer of production in the United States will play only on hand of China commodity counterparts. Anyway, politics trump and his vision of the American future and his great economy for the year completely changed. That is a reason never to trust pre-election promises of the former billionaires, second, becomes a signal against the American currency with the world just beginning.

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Many economists have expressed the opinion that the only competitor to the dollar may become the cryptocurrency. No wonder, by the way, American “experts” in the White house so categorically do not accept the idea of true electronic cash (and not the computer equivalents of real money). If cryptocurrency will gain power, then it has all chances to become what are looking for so long economists throughout the world, an alternative to the dollar.

If you hear that somewhere in the world, greatly offended cryptanalytical, looking for signs of the fed.

But back to the idea of trump about removing the debt ceiling. In simple terms, he hinted to us all that the American financial system gently fuck the whole world. As long as you want, so many will need. And nobody, not even China, not yet able to oppose something to the dollar. I would very much like to believe in the imminent end of the hegemony of one currency, but there are no alternatives, until all projects have the same Brix value only in the discussion stage, while we import-substituting cheap ruble and expensive dollar, our destiny – powerless sadness.

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