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Named the best city in the world


The leaders of the rating were Tokyo, Kyoto and Florence.Published ranking of the best cities in the world in 2016 according to the authoritative Condé Nast Traveler. In the top 3 list included Tokyo (Japan), Kyoto (Japan) and Florence (Italy). Overall rating totals 40 cities from different parts of the …

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Irkutsk – the capital of wooden Russia.


If you want to imagine what a Russian province, then come to Kaluga, 180 km North of Kostroma. In this quiet and ancient town you can see the essence of the heartland of Russia. The Russian, who holds the immutability of traditions, folk customs, adhered to the Patriarchal order. Chuhlomsky …

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Named hotel with the best design in the world


The Armani hotel Dubai won the prestigious award in the field of hotel business for the best design of 2016. Experts the annual competition of Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards highly appreciated the minimalist and conceptual interior design, which displays the aesthetics of the Italian brand, says Buro 24/7. On …

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How to travel like a spy and stay safe


Member of the Royal geographical society Lloyd Figgins, a former military police officer and leader of numerous expeditions that visited the most remote parts of the world, gives some simple and useful tips that will help avoid trouble in travelling. 1. To blend into the crowd While traveling avoid wearing …

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China has one of the longest escalator in the world for tourists


The escalator will bring tourists in Enshi canyon. In the Enshi canyon (national Park Enshi Canyon), located in Hubei province (Hubei) in the Central part of China, opened the world’s longest escalator, standing on which, tourists can explore the scenic surroundings. The length of the escalator – 689 metres, the …

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Named the most affordable European city for tourists


Kiev is in the top ten most affordable cities in Europe for tourists.Kiev, where asking an average of $35 per night, located on the eighth position among affordable cities in Europe The study, conducted the service of short-term private rentals Airbnb. Was named 25 cities, including the cheapest apartments are …

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South Korea: places to visit


Korea is a rest for every taste: beach, sports, entertainment, informative, Wellness. South Korea, like the pearl of world tourism has a great many exciting, breathtaking any, even the very experienced traveler attractions. So if You had the chance to visit this country, go without hesitation. This exciting trip You …

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Restaurants with the most stunning view


A cosy restaurant with delicious cuisine is a great place to eat, relax and enjoy with friends or your loved one. In the world there are countless variety of restaurants, among which it is impossible to determine the best. But I think you’ll agree that the most interesting of them …

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Named the most generous country in the world


The American company for the study of public opinion, the Gallup Institute has released a ranking of the most generous countries in the world. The experts conducted a survey of more than 145 thousand citizens from over 140 countries, asking respondents to indicate how often they give money to charity, …

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Named the best “hidden” places to travel


The leader of the rating, compiled by The Lonely Planet, was Malta.A popular edition of The Lonely Planet has published a ranking of the best “hidden” destinations for travelers, with 25 people from different parts of the world. These places are away from the usual mass tourism. However, experts believe …

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