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Autumn in Estonia: notes for tourists


A small country, only a few hours on excellent roads and you cross it from edge to edge. Reasonable prices and lots of ideas for leisure.It’s nice here. This is the first Association that comes to mind in already upon arrival at the airport of Tallinn. And with every visited …

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Named the worst city in the world for a romantic getaway


If you are going on a journey, you need to know what the city is not exactly ideal for romance.City for a romantic trip should be beautiful (=net) as a minimum. Not to mention the cultural heritage and delicious national food. Travel-experts have called the worst city for a romantic …

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Experts named the most prosperous country in the world


British intelligence published its latest ranking of countries in terms of prosperity: Ukraine is on the 107th place In 2016, the most prosperous country in the world was New Zealand. According to the publication Business Insider, to such conclusion the British organization Legatum Institute, which annually component of the rating …

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A virtual tour of the home of Bonnie and Clyde


Seven facts about Dallas that may seem interesting. 1. For some time, Dallas was the only city in Texas where the law required that adults should wear a helmet if they ride bikes. Now this law applies only to those under 18. I can only imagine looks like a grown …

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The travelling nation


Residents of Finland are traveling most often.Canadian research centre for Travel & Tourism Intelligence Center has identified countries whose citizens often travel. For the rating of the experts was based on information about how frequently during the year the citizens travel around the country and abroad. Thus, it was discovered …

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Professor from the UK was named the best coast in the world


British scientist and Professor of medicine David Holmes found the best coastline in the world. According to experts, the main assessment criteria are: visibility of the horizon, the color of the sea or ocean, the quality and purity of the sand, the level of the environment, as well as interesting …

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On the way to Yaroslavl: photo


Good idea comes Apostle.. This is about me. Well, almost about me. Much time already passed since my trip to Yaroslavl, I did not bother to put pictures of my favorite places. And today I want to show a few churches and a monastery I met along the way. To …

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Why you should visit Romania


Romania is a real gem, filled with pristine forests and epic mountains, and its majestic castles reminiscent of a rich medieval history. Somewhere here, according to legend, lived the mysterious count Dracula. This is one of the most mysterious and beautiful countries of Europe, where everything, from the cobbled streets …

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