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Need to rest only in the Crimea


For the first time in the last few years was able to take a vacation – for a week. Spent it with family near Yalta. I believe that a vacation should only be carried out in the Crimea. Nowhere in the world is no longer such a delicate mix of …

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Save on sleepers


11 life hacks, tricks and tricks for traveling by train Despite the decline in prices for air tickets, rail travel is still very popular among Russians. Service Tutu.ru specially for “Tape.<url>” gathered for lovers of romance reserved seat or comfort SV-cars life hacks, tips and tricks that will help to …

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Cruise novel. How to love the North, traveling by water


To travel through the Russian North, the land of harsh and roadless, it is quite difficult. Not everywhere you can fly, somewhere and no Railways, and highways for the most part represent a direction. A great option for the traveler who wants to explore the North, can be a cruise …

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If I were a Sultan…


If I were the Sultan, his wives I would not have had. It’s the three mother-in-law, you know?! But the yacht would just bought. And certainly would put her in the port of Bar.Why? Because based in this place is quite inexpensive. Not that in the nearby Porto Montenegro, where …

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First impressions of Montenegro


Tell me, is there among You those who wanted to go to Montenegro, but not solved and still is at a crossroads? If Yes, then this post is just for them.Well, if You have already visited at least once in this country, to be able to share useful tips in …

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Ride around India. Part 2


Arrived in Gwalior to railway station, we stuck to tuk tuks. With no one talking, we went looking for a map of the city – not found, but we met a girl who spoke English. She then told us that to go to those places in which we offer and …

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Ride around India. Part 1


We sat with friends in Feb 2012 in the kitchen and talked and decided where to go on vacation! And came up with the idea that we all (about 10-12 people) can write at one time obtuse and fly to India. Everyone wanted exclusively in Goa, only I wanted to …

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Thailand. Zoo Khao Kaew


Day Pattaya enveloped in heat, drunk farang sleep a heavy sleep after a night of feasting, and people on the streets very little. But it is very beautiful, the sky is blue and the sun shines down on the top so that the shadow your almost disappears: The street leading …

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