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The girl ate the garbage 8 months to take a vacation


Amanda Holden, a 32-year-old financier from Portland, we were eating the leftovers for colleagues and were looking for food in dumpsters. For 8 months she has accumulated for the whole year of travels in South America. Previously, Amanda went to work as an ordinary clerk, and spent on lunch a …

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Tai (Chapter 13)


Chapter 13. Chance, coincidence, fortune, luck… all of it scraps the strands of fate. Ty ought to be aware of this before you weave your parachute stolen from the spinning of yarn. However, he didn’t have much of a choice, all other plans of escape were even more risky and …

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Journey into the Onion Kingdom. Part 1


Journey into the Onion Kingdom. Part 1 Rostov the Great— the city (862) in the Russian Federation, regional center of Yaroslavl region, the administrative centre of the Rostov district. Located 53 km to the South-West of Yaroslavl, on the Bank of lake Nero. The city’s area of 32.0 km2, the …

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Travel to Yaroslavl. Part 2


Travel to Yaroslavl. Part 2 So, first day in Yaroslavl was a great success!. Exhausted children and adults with difficulty when the boys reached their rooms, where they dumped deep and healthy sleep. So many impressions. so it’s new. I tried to see “Salto” – “Manchester United”, but where there… …

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I was also an avid outdoorsman


In the campaign you need to take only the most necessary Bath – the “necessary” in the road Some go camping light Nothing more Be careful when choosing a tent. But the most unusual tents that can be found in forest clearings Morning views from the tent. Sleeping bag is …

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The government of Chukotka continues to work trips in the district


On 20 April, a delegation headed by first Deputy Governor Leonid Nikolaev was visited plentywood. First and foremost, members of the working group visited the facilities of the infrastructure of the future floating nuclear power station. There almost completed construction of the administrative complex and a hostel for 100 people, …

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Russia then and now: a tale of two trips


Part I: 1985 In 1985 I spent 13 days in Russia, which then was officially called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. However, for convenience I will call it Russia. The organization that trip worked the Smithsonian institution, and in our group there were about 100 people. After 32 years, …

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