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Transbaikal schools ran out of money on free food for children

У забайкальских школ кончились деньги на бесплатное питание для детей

A number of schools Baleyskaya district in Zabaykalsky Krai refused to provide free meals to students from low-income families due to lack of funding. Authorities have confirmed that there have been delays in the transfer of money for meals for children from poor families, but pointed out that in the conditions of insufficient funds, priority is payment of salaries to state employees.

“In schools Baleyskaya district from December 12, stopped to feed children receiving free meals. The leadership of the municipality explains that no financing from the regional budget. For the period from September to December, funds were allocated only in September, and those came only in November, and then the money is not expected. In the area there was one or two schools that are still free feed the children, collecting debts,” – said “Submedia” representatives of the teaching staff is one of the schools in the district.

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If this is paid the child’s diet costs about 200 rubles a week, and it can afford not all parents in the village. “Today we came to the conclusion that eats only one-seventh of the students. And what about those children whose parents do not have to pay for child nutrition? The indebtedness of the state at large, housing services, subsidies, child benefits and so on lasts for the fourth month. Children have to sit for 6-7 hours in the classroom hungry and trying to remember theorems, graphs, rules?” outraged teachers.

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The Governor of the region Natalia Zhdanova has confirmed that a number of schools of Transbaikalia suspended providing free meals to students because of delays in the financing of this expenditure. “Yes, such delays are, and they relate to the financial constraints of the budget. I understand the significance and importance of a free food of children-orphans and children from poor families. But still the priority I give to the fulfillment of social obligations in terms of payment of wages. This priority will continue into 2017,” – said Zhdanov.

She noted that the government will work towards increasing subsidies for education. Funding for free meals the government will produce to the extent possible.

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