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Trampoline in Russia. The Kremlin doesn’t mind

Трампомания в России. Кремль не возражает

In Russia discovered the “Trampoline”. The Russians began actively buying U.S. real estate after I learned about paboda a Republican. In November, the number of queries from brokers increased by 35%, according to consulting company Knight Frank.

“Some customers are interested in opportunity to purchase a property in construction projects of Donald trump.” And the Kremlin, as noted in the United States, does not object. In fact, why would we object? In his address to the Federal Assembly in early December, President Vladimir Putin expressed willingness to cooperate with the West. Russia does not seek confrontation, Putin said.

It should be noted that the demand from the Russians is recovering slowly. The amount they are willing to pay for the property in the United States, much lower than it was prior to 2014. According to Knight Frank, the majority of Russians until 2014 considered buying real estate in the most attractive U.S. cities cost five million dollars of the transaction value from 15 to 20 million dollars were not uncommon. Now 90 percent of all requests correspond to a segment from 500 thousand up to five million dollars. The greatest demand is for small apartments or studios. Large apartments and penthouses costing from four million dollars make up only a quarter of queries.

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However, now it is not clear, whether will buy your property. Since in total for last months figures the purchase of foreign real estate by Russians fell to a low of eight years ago, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing data from the realtors. Data are based on information of the Central Bank, according to which in the third quarter of 2016 as a result of transactions with real estate abroad received only 229 million dollars, which is 60% less than two years ago.

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For the first nine months of this year, the amount was 16% below last year’s figures. However, experts point out that the statistics cover only part of the transaction, because many Russians pay for their foreign purchases with foreign accounts. But the trend does not change. First of all, traditionally a big interest in real estate in foreign resort areas will continue to decrease in 2017.

However, the interest of Russians will be saved to the two countries along with the USA, Turkey and Bulgaria. According to official Bulgarian statistics, 2006 real estate in Bulgaria has acquired more than 73 thousand Russians. In the past year, the Russians stood on the first lines among the buyers.

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