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Toshiba introduced supernatural for electric vehicle

Toshiba представила супербатарею для электромобиля

When it comes to innovations in manufacturing technology of batteries for electric vehicles, are generally for the brands Samsung, Panasonic, LG Chem or Tesla. But the brand Toshiba is almost never mentioned, because after the presentation of its innovative battery SV in 2008, the Corporation did not advertise the new development.

And now Toshiba time catch up. The Corporation has introduced a new version of lithium-ion battery SV, which recharges much faster than any other competing battery. And it happens with a new anode type, said resource Clean Technica.

In the original version SV anode was not a classic graphitemoderated, and is based on lithium titanium oxide (LTO). Such an alloy has substantially improved the battery performance at low temperatures, increased power density and shelf life.

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The new version of the battery has an anode of niobium titanium oxide, which further affected its performance. The next generation of Toshiba SCiB to keep 90% of their capacity even after 5 thousand charging cycles. The new battery has extremely high energy density and an incredibly fast charging.

Toshiba claims this battery after 6 minutes of charging will give more than 300 kilometers. This result is indeed still can not boast of any one manufacturer of electric vehicles, including Tesla. However, to achieve this effect the charger itself should give a very great power, and what the Corporation doesn’t specify.

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Currently, a large part of electromobile chargers, rated 50 kW, the new Tesla Superchargers are 135 kW, and the European ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) recently announced the release of a charging device with a capacity of up to 350 kW. Apparently, Toshiba mean the last option.

“SCiB next generation of great potential, says Dr. Osamu ori, Director of the research center of Toshiba Corporation. Is not evolution, it’s revolution, completely changing the rules of the game. We will continue to improve our new battery and hope to start its industrial production in the 2019 budget year.”

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