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To prohibit and abolish all academic ranks

Запретить и отменить все научные звания

If it were in my power, I would have just canceled all scientific titles and degrees. Neither candidates nor doctors do not try. All this has long lost its meaning, and after the decision in Medina this nonsense was formalized. I would along the way, abolished all honorary titles like honoured artists and people’s teachers. Not much and not color the title of scientist, artist or educator. The most valuable thing for these people is reputation. We will never forget his master, if his lessons flew by like one moment and we wanted to come at them again. We don’t remember what the title technically had favorite artists, but we remember all their roles and the cited paragraphs of the words of their characters. The best scientists in the world similarly, quoting the best scientific magazines and websites, reference them in their work colleagues. That is the reputation. Which never depends on the presence or absence of the thesis. The title of candidate or doctor of Sciences became synonymous with “fool”, “bum”, “son of a gun”. And it especially should be offended by honest scientists who have spent sometimes years of life for their discoveries, and surveys, writing works and their protection. But at the same time, hundreds of fools, Sarmiento and swindlers were engaged in cheating, cheating is quackery.

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And like Medina, writing off anything not born of Amateur nonsense. And precisely because of such people all these scientific title is completely discredited. Sometimes I ask myself the question: who in our country do write real thesis or is it just blown away and Tinker? But, on the other hand, before someone steals someone else’s thoughts, someone still needs these thoughts to formulate. If there are robbers, there’s the victim of robbery. And while a number of normal scientists work honestly, army of parasites rivet fakes. Why the Presidium of the HAC, the Ministry of education and other guys so eager to protect Medina? Not only because it dictates political expediency. But because Medina is not alone. I would check the scientific papers, theses and titles of those people who are now saved, Minister of culture of the civil penalty. I have no doubt that the work of these people we would find a lot of drivel. At the time when weightlifting was swept by a wave of doping, it was decided just to cancel all the old world records, regardless of whether they were installed with the help of pills or a part of the achievement was, perhaps, clean. The sport was so embarrassed that could not believe anyone. And started with a clean slate. Therefore, I believe that academic titles should be abolished. Suffer and bona fide scientists, but these scientists but not going anywhere reputation and respect of colleagues and students. And Medina now there was nothing but worthless certificates and public humiliation.

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