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To hell with sanctions! Eurobusiness continues to increase investment in Russia

К чёрту санкции! Евробизнес продолжает наращивать инвестиции в Россию


Despite the ongoing sanctions war of the West against Russia, European analysts continue to record a growth of foreign direct investment in our economy. Moreover, the positive dynamics in this sphere shows not the most friendly to Moscow, the European Union. About why foreign business continues to increase investment in Russia — versed life.

According to the most recent Eurostat figures, has fallen into the possession of life, by the end of 2015, foreign direct investment EU to Russia increased from 171,5 billion to 172 billion euros. But in the opposite direction, on the contrary, there was a reduction. The proportion of Russian direct investment in the EU decreased from 74.4 billion to 61 billion euros. Thus, the regression reached quite a significant 17.5% of…

More than other businesses in the Eurozone, according to tradition, invest in the USA. By the end of 2015, the Americans invested in the EU 2,436 trillion euros. Despite the fact that a year earlier the figure was almost twice lower — “only” 1,810 trillion. Europe in General is a lure for foreign investors. According to a study by the authoritative consulting company Ernst & Young, which read life, the Old world is at the peak of its “investment attractiveness”. By the end of 2015 more than 5 thousand enterprises attracted foreign investment.

Russia, however, as it turns out, is also quite good feels on this direction of economic activities. Especially considering the sanctions that Western leaders have imposed on the country in connection with a number of foreign policy events. The same Ernst & Young research which also examined life, has named 2015 as the year extremely successful for Russia.

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Most are invested in production. By the end of 2015, foreign direct investment was involved in 171 projects. Despite the fact that a year earlier the figure was only 95.

— By the end of 2015, foreign investors have invested in 201 project in Russia, — said in the text of the study. — This figure was one of the highest in Russia in the history of the study. The largest foreign investor in the Russian economy remains Western Europe. And despite the introduction of restrictions, as well as the difficult macroeconomic situation in Russia, the number of countries funded these projects continues to grow.

With regard to Eurostat data, their assessment of the organization’s specialists explained the Life including the causes of monetary nature.

— This statistics is based on data of the European Central Bank. The growth of foreign direct investment of the EU in Russia can be explained by changes in exchange rates, Bank rates etc. Even if the investment in fact, for example, is not carried out, but the changes in these factors could still affect the final size, — commented on the Life expert Eurostat Jean-françois Atten Migo.

That this growth is an important indicator, evidenced by a sharp increase in investment in our country is the largest economy in the EU — German. As already mentioned life in the first half of 2016, the German business has invested in Russia in the amount of 1.73 billion euros. It is only 500 million less than for the whole of 2015. Experts are then called in as key factors enhancing the attractiveness of Russia for major Western companies, the devaluation of the rouble and stabilization of the national economy.

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According to analysts of investment company “Finam” Timur Nigmatullin, record imported from the EU capital to a significant extent, is of Russian origin and “historically”. The significant decrease is almost 17.5% of investments from Russia, the expert believes that the crisis phenomena in the national economy in 2015.

— With regard to the negative dynamics of Russian investments in the EU, is dictated by the currency revaluation due to exchange rates volatility, effect of sanctions (reduction of investaccount and an early repayment of corporate external debt) and “de-offshorisation” of the Russian Federation. For example, the greatest fall (a decrease of 31.5%) is for Special Purpose Entities is the so — called company special purpose for which the funds flow is not always direct investments, and may mean simply the reallocation of financial position of the company, said the Life of Timur Nigmatullin.

We would add that foreign direct investment EU rest of the world amounted to the end of 2015 6,894 trillion euros, an increase compared to the 2014 year by 14.9%. With foreign direct investments of other countries in the EU increased even more — by 22.8% and reached 5,842 trillion euros. Thus, the EU remains a net investor in the rest of the world with a difference of almost 1 trillion Euro.

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