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Thought for a long time and that’s what “born”)

Went fishing today and thought of permanent lights 🙂

And this is what came to mind :


Einstein often thought even in his youth on the nature of light and do mental experiments type …. but I’m going to fly at the speed of light with the flashlight and when to turn it on when addition / subtraction of the speeds of my flashlight, in principle, should not Shine.

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But the constant light says he will certainly Shine and be ahead of flying with a flashlight on, all the same, 300 thousand km per second.


Now a lot of disputes like …Einstein so and so and they say the speed of light can be overcome

Yes you can ..but exactly, all the same, 300 thousand km per second

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That is another fly even at the speed of 1 million per second and the speed of light is not overcome – it is to you, all the same, 300 thousand


True, I haven’t thought of yet as this is my idea fits into this E=MC^2 , but I left that for next fishing trip :)))

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