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“This is Russia, brother!”. What shocked the American in Russia

"Это Россия, брат!". Что шокировало американца в России

This guy lived in Russia for two years and is now engaged in very useful – records a video for those who want to improve their level of English. Justin from the USA itself is not bad spoke in Russian, and is actively trying to improve it. Sometimes he tells his audience that he was surprised in Russia, or what difficulties he had to face. This time Justin talked about 10 most amazing things for foreigners in Russia:

I spent two years in Russia. And when we come to Russia from the West, we meet many unexpected things that really shock us. Imagine that you were born and raised in the United States, and by some fate, knowing nothing about Russia except stereotypes, like all Russians drink vodka, or wear the hat with the bears, you’re moving to unfamiliar the greatest country in the world… And that’s what you see in Russia:

1. All read books. Read them everywhere – in subway, in stores, in queues – anywhere! That’s fine.

2. If you go in the winter on the street without a hat, any unfamiliar Russian grandmother shout, “Hey! You can go without a hat, crazy!?”. Because grandma is so caring and cute!

3. Russian girls go everywhere in heels. Even in winter, on the ice, as giraffes!

4. Only in 2011, beer was considered in Russia an alcoholic beverage. What!?

5. It is impossible to whistle in a building otherwise the money will not. What is the relationship between whistling and the lack of money?

6. In Russia dogs speak not of the RAF, and the GAF-GAF. And in America they all say ruff. I was very surprised when I learned Chinese.

7. When the Russian person asks you a question, “How are you”, he really wants to know how you’re doing. And he will answer the question very detailed and very honest. I think it’s very cool.

8.Russian men don’t wear bright clothes, in fact.

9. Russian smileys have no eyes ))). Are they besplatnye what?! Where are their eyes!? :):):)

10. Oh, surprise! Today is your birthday! You sit in the restaurant with friends. Everyone in America will pay for you, but it’s Russia, so you pay for everything. What a good!

And since today is your birthday, your friend, holding a drink, and wants you to make a toast. In America, your friends will just say “cheers” and drink immediately. But it’s your Russian friend, he didn’t just say “health!”, he still makes a big toast will tell you about all, and adds an anecdote from the life. Why, then, crocodile Gena so sad?

And finally. When a foreigner is not aware of in Russia, his Russian friend is a simple answer: “It’s Russian, brother.”

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