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They were not twenty years. And here they come back: Guns N’ Roses

Их не было двадцать лет. И вот они возвращаются: Guns N' Roses

The explosion of emotions of the 2018 world Cup somehow completely lost other interesting events. But I’m not one alive in the world. And, as if to prove it, July 13, as the time between the semis and the finals, on “Open arena” will pass a concert of Guns N’ Roses. Why is the event not to be missed — in the material “”.

Never say never

Axl rose and Slash haven’t talked for almost 20 years. As it was necessary to get each other to in all that time never even swear! After all, the world is big rock-and-roll is not so great — to meet by chance, they were able, moreover, to perform and record kept. And yet…

Их не было двадцать лет. И вот они возвращаются: Guns N' Roses

Duff, Axl and Slash together again

Photo: SAV Entertainment

— Not in this life over and over again repeated Axl in response to endless questions about the possibility of a reunion of the original lineup. Died — then died! And then suddenly picked up and called Slash.

I was at this time in tours in Peru, recalls Slash. — The phone rang, and it was Axl. We are very relaxed we talked, because of the psychological bond that we had, over the years has not gone anywhere. We decided to meet and discuss everything. Was very easy and without tension. If I had someone a month earlier said it was possible, I would have sent him to hell, but it really happened.

It really happened, Axl and Slash decided to act together, and soon they were joined by another “founding father” of Guns N’ Roses — bassist Duff McKagan. World tour on the occasion of a reunion of the group decided to call respectively: “Not in this lifetime” (Not in This Lifetime… Tour)

Almost like The Rolling Stones

The reunion of the legendary compositions have long been no surprise. New stars on the rock scene is now rare, glow softly on and off, almost fervent. The Holy place is replaced by the shuffle of the combinations of the great veterans of the past life and periodic reunioni — on-one concert, recording a new album on a nostalgic tour. The success of such events is usually fairly local, if you are The Rolling Stones, of course. Or not Guns N’ Roses…


Not in This Lifetime has become not just a successful project. Now Tur “Gansow” occupies the fourth place on collections of all time, second only to the world tours of U2 (U2 360° Tour 2009-2011), The Rolling Stones (A Bigger Band Tour, 2005-2007) and Coldplay (A Head Full of Dreams Tour, 2016-2017). By early July, 2018 125 show has already been seen by about 4.5 million people, and fees amounted to 480,9 million dollars. And it’s not final — only 157 performances planned on six continents. Started the tour on 1 April 2016 at the club, “the Troubadour” in West Hollywood (USA) and will end on 29 November 2018 at the main stadium of Johannesburg (South Africa).

Izzy and Bony leg

By the way, the first concert of Guns N’ Roses after the reunification almost became their last. Axl, Slash and Duff have not played together for 23 years and was very nervous. There have been many posts and onlays, in the end Axl got tangled in the wires, fell off the stage and broke his leg.

Drop in “Il Trovatore” almost became fatal. Until the next show in Las Vegas was only a week. There the opening act was supposed to be serious guys from Alice in Chains, and nearly 30 thousand tickets were sold. Rescued Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked), lent Excel the throne is a wheelchair, which he used himself, being in a similar position. Metal tires and a wheel throne was by the way, giving a decently plump and polysevshy Excel heroic charm. On 19 and 20 April in Mexico city show Guns N’ Roses has collected already more than 130 thousand spectators. Opening for them was The Cult.

Их не было двадцать лет. И вот они возвращаются: Guns N' Roses

14 APR 2012 Guns N’ Roses was officially inducted into the Hall of rock and roll glory

Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

It should be noted that to perform on the same stage with Guns N’ Roses during their world tour was honoured and very well known musicians. Besides the already mentioned Alice in Chains and The Cult, it’s Pink, Billy Talent, Lenny Kravitz, Wolfmother, Babymetal (Japan), Rose Tattoo, The Kills, ZZ Top, The Who, Manic Street Preachers, Black Label Society and others. And while the sets themselves Guns N’ Roses took the stage “jamming” is very famous guests: Billy Gibbons, Sebastian Bach, Dave Grohl, Angus young, Pink.

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On several shows for the drums sat Steve Adler — one of the participants of the first group. But with Izzy Stradlin (participant groups in 1985-1991) to play together for some reason failed. Izzy was invited to sound check, during which former colleagues immediately quarreled, the guitarist slammed the door and went out… More of his concerts Guns N’ Roses have not seen.

AC/DC or Guns N’ Roses?

Angus young at the show Guns N’ Roses appeared accidental. In may-June 2016 Axl, despite a broken leg, was replaced in AC/DC thoroughly deafened Brian Johnson.

Arriving in 1980 in place of the deceased from alcohol overdose Bon Scott, Johnson honestly worked in the group for over 35 years, but “hell’s bells” did the trick. During the world tour Rock or Bust (2015-2016) Brian began to lose his hearing in March was forced to stop playing. Ten concerts have been cancelled. April 20, Johnson announced the resignation from the group, but for three days before that AC/DC has officially announced that after a pause, the tour continues with a new sensational vocalist… Axl rose.

Union Excel with AC/DC all of a sudden turned out successful. To move on stage, he could not for a broken leg, but with a voice all was in order — songs from the era of Bon Scott, he sang almost like Scott and Brian Johnson as Johnson. Vocal lessons that Axl took two whole years to bear fruit. Soon it was announced that frontman of Guns N’ Roses employed in AC/DC on a regular basis. 23 show, he worked with new colleagues, then switched to Not in This Lifetime Tour.

As a result, today Axl is an official member and, indeed, frontman of two grandiose rock stories, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. And now all the rock fans are interested in, and what will happen in the fall, when nostalgic tour “Gansow” end?

Usually in such cases, musicians take a short break and then get in the Studio to record our new album. The question is, who exactly will continue to work with Axl rose. As long as everything goes to the fact that with AC/DC. Even despite the fact that over the past 25 years, Guns N’ Roses released only one Studio album (Chinese Democracy, 2008). It turned out, by the way, quite successful. Quickly hit the top 3 in the US and has sold 2.6 million copies. Nevertheless, questions about the possibility of recording new material in almost “gold” composition the members of Guns N’ Roses answer in the negative and no new songs during performances do not comply. Unlike Angus young who is determined to continue cooperation with Excel and is counting on him when recording the new album. Yes, and Axl leaning towards pursuing a career in AC/DC what had already let out.

Black tablecloth and 18 red roses

But back to Not in This Lifetime. Great success of the tour provided a good coincidence of many factors. Among them, of course, there is the element of nostalgia. But not only that.

The group contains great musicians, which, moreover, are in fine form here and now. The material they perform is entirely hits. Plus a powerful show. 20 trailers with equipment and 16 — with metal trusses for stage performance. The set design worked perfectly, combining the classic show Guns N’ Roses, as it was in the era of their heyday, with the latest technology in lighting, sound and special effects. And the result — a very good combination of old school stadium rock concert with high-tech show of the end of the second decade of the XXI century.

A few words about the composition. Except for Axl, Slash and Duff, the group includes three musicians, spent in Guns N’ Roses for over ten years. It’s a great keyboardist dizzy reed (in the band since 1990), guitarist Richard Fortus (2002) and drummer Frank Ferrer (2006). All a bit over 50. Still quite cheerful, and secrets in rock music for them is not there.

For “young blood”, the synth, sub-bass, programming and all the new computer gadgets meets Melissa Reese. She is 33 years old, and she’s “thing”.


The seriousness of the approach to detail emphasizes a 10-page rider, which I was able to look. It takes into account everything from the black tablecloths and fresh 18 red roses which must necessarily be in the dressing room at Excel, to varieties of chips from Slash, pretzels and candles with the scent of vanilla from Melissa. A powerful rider!

This is not a Kiss

Left to tell, who will warm up the audience just before the Moscow performance of Guns N’ Roses. In the schedule of the tour group is specified Other Noises. Despite the fancy foreign name, it’s a Russian group with Siberian roots. We contacted the frontman of the band Ivan Kazakov.

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“”: Tell our readers about the band, Other Noises. For starters: what is her name?

The Cossacks: Their first homemade recording we did in Tomsk, at home equipment, they were very poor quality. Some of those who heard them said it is not music, and some background noise. From this was born the name. Later we wanted to change it, because Russian people pronounce it badly. But he never changed… And now I think that Other Noises very well with Guns N’ Roses.

That is the style of noise your group is irrelevant.

No, of course. We play melodic English rock.

Why English? Russia is not particularly welcomed by domestic groups, singing in a foreign language.

It flows from the heart. I think in English, write in English…

In the city of Tomsk were you thinking in English?

Yes, I am very much engaged in the language at school. And then, rock-n-roll was born in this language and very good it sounds. Although, of course, I can sing in Russian.

What is the main idea of the creativity of your group? After all, ideas rule the world, and everything else is just their consequences.



Boost energy, charge people with it, give them positive emotions… In our work, no politics, no any suicidal stuff. I want our songs to bring joy. Such is our simple ideology.

You’ll be performing on the same stage with Guns N’ Roses. What does this mean for you?

Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin… for me it is the Foundation on which I grew up. At that time they were like a drug to me. Performing with them on stage — it’s almost unreal!

How would you define the style of Guns N’ Roses. What is this music? It’s glam rock, long hair, men in tights?..

For me Guns N’ Roses — it’s soul, it’s a blast, it’s energy is love. Powerful fuse. And in any case not glam. At least, not the band Kiss.

Your favorite Guns N’ Roses album?

I really liked their last album Chinese Democracy, I listened to a lot, disassembled and is actually part of each tool separately, how people work, how everything is recorded that was invested. And from songs — Sweet Child O ‘ Mine, November Rain, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle…

Civil War?

Probably not.

How are they, in your opinion, good now? What are the form?

Live I have not seen them yet, and in the video appreciate, of course, difficult, but given their age…

Их не было двадцать лет. И вот они возвращаются: Guns N' Roses

Young punks. Guns N’ Roses in 1986

Photo: Ilpo Musto / REX / Shutterstock

And it is necessary to take this into account? It’s a sly thing, recently in Moscow was made by Ritchie Blackmore, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and, of course, you can say — given the age. Although hear by Blackmore, for example, “smoke on the water”, the main reef is not known, probably, only the deaf from birth, that in itself is very cool… Even given the fact that he is not as good as it once was. But fact! Do you think Guns N’ Roses also need to make allowances for age?

I think some discount have to do that they had not performed together for 20 years, and Axl isn’t so young and handsome. And his voice, in my opinion, a little tired, though it is still a very powerful singer. I tried to sing the most difficult things with him, but he’s too cool for me. But Duff is a handsome man, a real rock star, and Slash — handsome. They are in good enough shape to blow up the hall. I have many friends musicians in the States, and I asked how Guns N’ Roses is there now relevant. I was told that now it is the best-selling rock band, the wild hype, all tickets for their concerts fly away instantly. It’s a living legend, and very much alive.

Preparing for the concert seriously?

Yes. Technically and emotionally we are ready to go on stage with Guns N’ Roses. Chose the “kochevye” songs and ballads, of course… we Have things in other styles, but we are not going to perform. People will come to listen to quite some music, and we expected to meet.

Well, now I’ll have to personally verify all that you read above is true. And this will need to go on July 13 “Open arena” and check out if really cool Guns N’ Roses, as they wrote “”. The more that any football in this day.

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