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“They have the right to happiness”: Glyuk’oza spoke about the divorce of Bondarchuk


When it became known that the marriage of Svetlana and Fyodor Bondarchuk failed for Paulina Andreeva, on the young actress was struck by the anger of fans of the pair. Many accused the actress that she took the Director from the family, some friends of Svetlana hold the same position and does not knowingly come into contact with Pauline.


A friend of Bondarchuk, Natalia Ionova supports neutrality. The singer believes that Svetlana and Fedor deserve to be happy and don’t need to judge them.

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“First of all I am grateful for the Light and Fede for the fact that they provided an opportunity not to take sides. They are examples for imitation, adoration and respect. Therefore, lived together for so many years, grown children, have their own business. And they were able to create conditions precluding offense and abuse. For me Light and Fyodor two favorite people, and I will never be able to choose between them. Don’t want to. They both have a right to happiness, and, most importantly, both do everything to be happy. Coping with your own feelings, they serve an inspiration for us all,” said Natalia in an interview for the magazine SNC.

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By the way, Ionova great with Paulina Andreeva — along in the summer they vacationed in Spain.

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