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These foods can trigger bowel cancer

Эти продукты могут спровоцировать рак кишечникаThe experts identified a list of products that can be instigators of development of cancer cells in the intestine.

For anybody not a secret that food manufacturers use different flavorings, preservatives and emulsifiers to ensure that their products possessed a peculiar taste, pleasant aroma, had an attractive appearance, as well as long was kept. Everything that is sold in packages, is composed of such substances and this does not go away, because if they’re not there, the demand for this category of food products will fall sharply.

Modern society increasingly began to think about where to buy natural products that have not undergone a number of treatments by various food chemicals. Many people try to limit the use of semi-finished products, sausages, juices in Tetra packs, milk products, butter and margarine. But those who know about the dangers of additives, refused even bread and bake it yourself at home.

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Scientists already for several decades can’t find 100% reasons for the development of cancer cells in the digestive tract, and generally throughout the body. One of their assumptions is the claim that food that accommodate a emulsifiers and other supposedly harmless supplements, cause irreparable damage to the digestive system, completely changing its microflora. The result of these changes and the growth of cancer cells, leading to malignant tumors.

The most dangerous additives experts called Polysorbate 80, which is on the packaging of goods is denoted by a “fat emulsifier”, as well as carboxymethylcellulose, having a veiled designation of “Е466”.

Polysorbate 80 is most often found in the favorite delicacy of children and adults ice cream. But the strangest thing that should confuse people who saw this ingredient in the composition of ice cream is its use in the production of cosmetic products, air fresheners, vaccines, by the way, after which, a person can go into anaphylactic shock.

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Е466 or carboxymethylcellulose contains mayonnaise, jelly, confectionery, sausage, meat and fish semi-finished products and so on.

According to the scientists, the data of the food products most hazardous to health and they can trigger the development of colon cancer.

The human diet is not poorer, if it will be excluded the above products. Will be a chance for a bright and healthy future, the more that happiness is not in these products.

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