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The young master. The son of Nikita Mikhalkov bought land on the ruble

Молодой барин. Сын Никиты Михалкова купил землю на Рублёвке

The firm “Usovo-invest” Artem Mikhalkov purchased land in the elite district for the sum about 150 million roubles.

The younger son of Nikita Mikhalkov 41: Artem, unlike his older brother, following in the footsteps of his father — graduated from VGIK, worked as an actor and Director. Stepan, the son from his first marriage, Anastasia Vertinskaya, hit the business much earlier and in the end not quite successfully.

Specialization of the new company Artem Mikhalkov, “Usovo-invest” (established in November), limited only to real estate transactions. The authorized capital of which probably amounted to some object of real estate — 45.7 million rubles. Usovo is an elite settlement on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.

Where did the actor and Director capital for real estate investment?

First, a family tradition to manage copyright payments. According to Artem Mikhalkov was reported some past difficulties in the relationship with his father, but the problems were clearly exaggerated. Since the start of the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC), that is already 8 years old Artem Mikhalkov — Chairman of the Board of this organization. RSP thanks to years of lobbying work by Nikita Mikhalkov in 2010, the Ministry of culture is authorised to collect the so-called tax discs — 1% of the cost of equipment, capable of storing content.

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In 2010-2015 RSP spent on its activities, including salaries of the management, 15% fees — at least 1.5 billion rubles. Another large amount (20% of fees) RSP translated into some special funds, such as in the affiliated “national Fund of support of owners” and “Peter the Great”. Salaries of the management of RSP were not disclosed.

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The General Director of “Usovo-invest” — Denis Tulungan. It together with the infamous former head of the Russian authors ‘ society Sergey Fedotov has served on the Board of RSP, at least in 2010-2013 as “the lawyer”. .

Молодой барин. Сын Никиты Михалкова купил землю на Рублёвке


Denis Tulungan. Photo: ©

I wonder what his name is in the roster of authors on the website of the CPR; but the works of Denis Telangana in the Network could not be found. Both Mikhalkov is also in the registry, but such conflicts of interest (71-year-old Nikita Mikhalkov President of the Board of RSP; the user distributes the funds among the authors, including each other) in Russia few people confused.

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