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The world is on the brink of new nuclear arms race?

Мир на пороге новой ядерной гонки?

Experts discuss new report of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies on the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Even a superficial analysis of the news of the world’s leading media suggests that the era of nuclear detente in the past. As soon as it became clear that Russia had not died as a result of the events of 1991, Washington left his loving-partnership rhetoric.

In the context of the complicated international situation quite disturbing sounded a progress report of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that nominally the number of nuclear warheads (BU) in the world for the year declined by about 460 units (according to official information), the “destructive capacity” of strategic weapons systems has only grown.

According to SIPRI, 93% of the world nuclear potential (with the whole 14935 BU) accounted for Russia and the United States. Disarmament of the superpowers frankly stalled. Instead, the two nuclear giants are actively upgrading their nuclear weapons. Washington, for example, is prepared to spend on nuclear needs in the next decade a tremendous amount – about $ 400 billion. Thirty-year program of maintaining a nuclear capability could cost Americans over a trillion.

Increasing its nuclear power, China, India, Pakistan and, of course, already become a byword, North Korea. Everything points to the fact that to strengthen its nuclear capabilities is going and the UK.

According to experts SIPRI, Russia now has about 7 thousands of nuclear warheads, of which 1950 – deployed; USA – 6.8 thousand (deployed 1800), France – 300, UK – 215. And the Europeans keep deployed most of their nuclear Arsenal. But China, India, Pakistan and Israel, nuclear bins which will count from 80 to 270 BU, give his “doomsday weapon” while lying on the warehouses. The contradictory information is received about the state of the nuclear shield of North Korea. Analysts on the eye to assess the possibility of the DPRK in 10 – 20 BU, but this is absolutely false. Plus, we can’t say what the means of delivery of nuclear weapons offers Pyongyang.

The expansion of nuclear capabilities goes today the majority of the world’s leading players not extensive (the number of BU), and in an intense way (upgrading weapons, their means of delivery, and the development of technologies to counter potential enemy attack).

So, British MPs last year has allocated funds for the modernization of missiles equipped with nuclear submarines (the only kind of British nuclear weapons carriers). The newest submarine, equipped with ballistic missiles, and is developing the official Paris.

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Has slightly changed its rhetoric, the DPRK leadership – and for Washington, this can be very alarming. Pyongyang has reduced the degree of emotional anti-American rhetoric. Instead, the party press of the DPRK on the anniversary of the creation of the strategic forces of the Republic of quietly stated that the new North Korean missiles can strike at any point of the planet with absolute efficiency. Recently, Korea made a number of successful and not so good starts, but progress on the nuclear program of North Korea is obvious. And this applies, in particular, progress in the development of missiles with extended range.

Americans it definitely makes you nervous and go to rash acts. Washington has recently said about the readiness to use against North Korea weapons, but Pyongyang American statements, it seems, does not bother. In the United States so nervous that instead of the two planned launchers anti-missile system THAAD delivered to South Korea this spring as many as six without a formal agreement with Seoul, which led in turn to an aggravation of relations between South Korea and China. The problem with the powerful neighbor to Seoul to anything. Perhaps, top officials of South Korea gave the green light for the delivery of a us military missile defense systems for more behind the scenes, and when it “surfaced” just made for Beijing public performance. However, even if so, the Seoul obviously does not feel itself under the American umbrella in complete safety.

Moreover, the modernization of the armed forces of the PRC is also a very decent rate. In Shanghai recently launched the newest destroyer according to various sources, displacement from 10 to 12.3 thousand tons (in class, second in the world after the us Zumwalt). The ship will have 2 units of 64 launchers. Missiles CJ-10, which is able to “bite” the enemy destroyer, can carry a 500-pound conventional or nuclear warhead.

How to successfully improve their strategic weapons systems the Chinese and North Koreans, not too much pleased with not only their immediate “capitalist” neighbors, but also Washington. The us missile defense system shows whilst in training mode, only 40% ability to intercept missiles. Of course, this is a very good result (in-kind respectively – the best in the world). But the security of the United States, given the very limited number of missiles, a hundred percent yet it can not guarantee even from the North Korean strike. But it is… Many experts argue that in case of creation of effective system of air defense and the presence of moral readiness to cause a global impact, the United States can begin to imagine not hypothetical but real (and fatal) threat to Russia.

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Today, the United States are really even do not hide, against what Western experts call “hybrid war”. The Western media against Russia launched a massive disinformation campaign based on blatant fakes stuffing and spreading “half-truths”. Washington actively supports extremist Russophobic elements, retracts into its sphere of influence once a neutral Eastern European States, smuggling on our borders and satisfied with its troops in the former Soviet republics coups.

However, as illustrated indirectly by the data of sociologists, to succeed the United States manages only partly. The West destabilized Ukraine and Georgia, under the “pious pretext” sent the army into the Baltic States and NATO draws in the Balkan countries, but in Russia “westernized”, i.e. deceived US, can be called not more than 12-15% of the population. And therefore, not reaching the “right” result by a hybrid war, the United States to establish world domination, you can get to a direct military confrontation… If only to be sure that it is for “nothing”.

Therefore, the modernization of the armed forces of Russia, including the Russian nuclear shield is the issue of our survival. While the news in this field is encouraging. The other day Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said about the readiness of the military-industrial complex of Russia to the creation of combat railway missile complex and a 100-ton ballistic missile (most likely, we are talking about “Sarmat”, able to overcome the enemy missile and fly through the poles). However, a potential aggressor is also not standing still. And no matter how strong the temptation was to defer some defence spending in order to solve internal issues (which, tellingly, vehemently insist “Pro-Western” opinion leaders), it is unacceptable for us.

Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.


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