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The whole world is stopping Russia to live humanly

Весь мир мешает жить России по-человечески

The head of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin has accused the government of the United States of preventing the foreign policy of Russia, in particular in its contacts with Asian countries.

“The US state Department continues to disrupt the formation under the aegis of Russia is strong and consolidated political and economic the Eurasian bloc. Put obstacles for dialogue of the Eurasian economic Union and regional entities. In particular, according to reports, the U.S. diplomatic mission to purposefully create barriers for reorientation of Russian trade and economic relations to the East.

US diplomats in Asia to convince local political and business elite of the pointlessness of rapprochement with the Eurasian economic Union and of the futility of pairing this project with a Chinese project “One belt and one road”, – said Naryshkin at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council called “Prevention of interference in the internal Affairs of Russia”.

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The head of Russian foreign intelligence also claimed that “among the priorities of the American state structures, in fact, the economic war against Russia.”

Sergey Naryshkin, former head of the presidential administration of Russia and the Chairman of the State Duma, said that, according to him, the sanctions pressure on Moscow from the United States would continue: “the Americans are planning to expand restrictions against Russian mining and related sectors of the economy, worked out the idea of reduction of terms of crediting in foreign markets the Russian banks with state participation and companies in the energy profile. USA convince its partners in the feasibility of reducing the volume of purchases of Russian oil and coal, further restricting Russia’s access to modern technologies and equipment for hydrocarbon production, in blocking Russian energy projects abroad.”

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The head of the foreign intelligence service of Russia noted that, in his opinion, “emerging after the change of command in the White house disagreements between Washington and allies in Europe, yet not affect the total for the West destructive behavior towards Russia”.

At hearings in the Federation Council, the other participants were asked to impose new restrictions on the activities of non-governmental organizations, in particular, to introduce the ability to assign the status of “foreign agents” individuals.

In addition, one of the participants of the hearings, a member of the Federation Council Andrei Klimov, called the Russian citizens working in the Russian-speaking foreign media, “deserters”, and said that they “should not escape responsibility”.

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