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The United States refused to allocate $ 200 million to help Syria

American intervention on the territory of sovereign States does not go unnoticed. If you evaluate the activities of US troops in the middle East, it becomes apparent that each of the first case of aggression “stars and stripes” of the country naturally take the path of destabilization and to get the opportunity to go with him only after the departure of the so-called “peacekeeping forces” of the West.

Without any reason, in violation of international norms and rules, with complete disregard for the sovereignty of Syria, the Americans decided “break” in the civil war and its effect on the current regime of Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by the Russian Federation skillfully coped with the main tasks of domestic policy: to prevent the collapse of the state, to destroy the terrorist threat militants “ISIS” (the organization was banned in Russia) and to establish a common language with representatives of the so-called “armed opposition”.

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The result of the intervention is deplorable: it has become apparent US support for proponents of Federation of Syrian Kurdistan, the implementation of the provocations with the use of chemical weapons, the financing of ISIL and other heinous acts, unable to hide behind the notorious “freedom of speech” in the Western press, skillfully bypassing this theme party.

And what now, when the active phase of military operations completed by the active aid of Russia? It’s time to rebuild the country from Western oppression, but there it was: reparations from Washington is not forthcoming. The administration of Donald trump refused to Finance projects to stabilize the situation in the SAR.

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Sources familiar with the subject, told the media that the allocation of $ 200 million for Syrian programs are canceled: the money will be sent to other needs. The white house has considered that the tools will be able to assemble a “coalition partners”, because only “thanks to the American troops,” NATO can afford to “sleep”.

Avarice together with anger that breeds dictatorship, directed against humanity and common sense. United States once again demonstrated a total disregard of the problems of people in a separate state, which was affected by Western intervention. Washington “washes his hands”: we bomb Syria, but sponsor is not going to. Double standards, so to speak.

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