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The United States decided to buy ammunition for a major war

США решили закупить снаряды для большой войны

The armed forces of the United States placed a bid to buy about 150 thousand shells for 155-millimeter howitzers. It is reported portal Task and Purpose.

It is noted that the current order 825 percent more than was originally planned. In particular, the list includes rockets Excalibur, designed for use in melee. As notes the edition, the impression that the country is preparing for the “new great war”.

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Usually a quantity of ammunition required for the soldiers to practice skills conduct ground operations. According to the Director army budget major General Paul Chamberlain, the US is preparing for “battle in conflict that require special determination”.

In the armed forces noted that the lack of shells there, and now there is a restoration and renewal of Arsenal.

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The white house had earlier asked Congress for $ 6.3 billion in their “European initiative deterrence” — a program aimed at curbing “Russian aggression” in the region. These funds will be spent to increase the presence of American troops in Europe.

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