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The tongue has no bones? As Medina lied to the viewers

Язык без костей? Как Мединский лгал телезрителям

Four facts outright wrong, publicly announced by the Minister of culture of Russia

On 26 September on the TV channel “Rain” held the debate of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medina with writer Dmitry Bykov. In the course of them the head of the Ministry of culture not only remembered my favorite myth of the 28 Panfilov, but also voiced some interesting statements according to which The Insider has decided to conduct a little factchecking in their brand category “Antifa”.

About Panfilov

“There are a huge number of documents related to the investigation, investigation academician of the Academy of Sciences Kumaneva, who was interviewed, if I remember correctly, five or six survivors Panfilov — by name every deployed. You documents read, although I understand that it is not your task, and then we will on this subject to argue. And when the head of the archive pulls from here is a pile of documents one piece…”

In 1948 and 1988 the official version of the feat was examined by the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of the Soviet Union and recognized as fiction. The materials of the investigation in 1948 are in open access. In particular, they contain the testimony of the former commander of 1075 th infantry regiment Kaprova, the testimony of the correspondent of “red Star” Koroteeva and Secretary of the newspaper Krivitsky. The Prosecutor’s office eventually decided that the feat of 28 Panfilov “is a figment of the correspondent Koroteeva, editor of “the red star” Ortenberg and especially literary Secretary of the newspaper Krivitsky”. As for Kumaneva, who now helps Medina in the leadership of the Russian military-historical society, the authenticity of his interviews with “heroes Panfilov” is in no way confirmed.

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About the secret opinion poll

“If you see the <…> the concrete result of the work of the Ministry of culture during these five years, I do a few boring numbers give. <…> First, the number of citizens opinion Poll and Thomas, who believe that culture develops in the correct direction, and things in the culture is better now than it was five or six years ago, over the years has almost doubled. Almost two times. It is a great indicator because we work for the citizens”.


This poll VTsIOM, apparently, only in the personal possession of Medina — in the centre of studying of public opinion could not remember whether there had been such research and assured that in the public domain it is not. But there is a rating estimation of activity of Medina as the head of the Ministry of culture. And here it is with 2012 has changed from 3.15 to 3.19 (on a five-point system), occasionally dropping down to 2.99.

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Free museums for kids

“By the way, we have for all children, as you know, has introduced free admission to all museums, and this does not exist anywhere in the world at all.”

Free entry to museums for children are not only in Russia but also, for example, in Italy — where it was introduced in 2013. In almost all major cities in Europe, visitors under 18, regardless of their nationality, are allowed into the museums free — for example, in Berlin and Paris. Citizens of European countries have this privilege to 26 years.

On increasing the salaries of cultural workers

“Salaries in the field of culture for 5-6 years has doubled”.

According to Rosstat, in 2010 the average salary of workers of Federal state institutions and government agencies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of culture amounted to 23 thousand rubles, and by the first quarter of 2017, it was equal to 26 965 rubles. That is, real wages (adjusted for inflation) over this period declined substantially.

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