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The three-day special operation to rescue students in Thailand completed

Трехдневная спецоперация по спасению школьников в Таиланде завершена

The three-day special operation to rescue students from a flooded cave in Thailand is completed. Rescuers brought to the surface 12 of the children, their coach and a military doctor and three frogmen who were in the cave since the discovery of the missing group.

The operation was launched on 8 July. For the first two days rescuers brought to the surface eight young players. Tuesday was the final phase of the operation — July 10 divers was released from prison five members of the football team, as well as four accompanying people.


Teenagers on the helicopter were taken to a local hospital in Chiang Rai. Waiting for them in quarantine, as well as numerous surveys. According to the Ministry of public health of Thailand, they are in good physical and psychological condition. “Children have no fever, but there is a low body temperature”, — said the Agency.

Rehabilitation is successfully saved in the first days the children can eat regular food, and also to move independently.

The only problem is that all saved discovered pulmonary infection. In this regard, their parents were allowed only to look at children through a glass partition.

Hugging and kissing are banned until the end of the quarantine.



While the boys were in the cave, they had received many interesting proposals. So, FIFA invited the young players to visit the final match of the world Cup, which will take place in Moscow this Sunday.

However, doctors are watching saved by the boys, said that children will not be able to accept this tempting offer, as they need to stay in hospital for at least another week. “Most likely, they will watch the match on TV”, — said the head of Ministry of health of Thailand.

Supported by young Thais and the English club “Manchester United” — he invited them to attend matches of the team at old Trafford in the upcoming season.

Helped the whole world

In total, the operation involved about a thousand people. Among them, more than 100 divers, most of whom came to assist the authorities of Thailand from abroad, particularly from Britain and Australia.

A hand trapped in the cave stretched out and the founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk. On the second day of the operation he was brought to the scene of a mini-submarine built from parts of rockets, the Falcon and is designed for one child.

Submarine billionaire called “Forest boar” — it has been successfully tested in the third chamber of the cave.


However, the rescuers gently hinted the Mask for the evacuation of children, the device has no practical value. “This product is of high complexity, high-tech, but we can’t use it in this mission”, — said the head of the rescue headquarters. However, the Thai authorities expressed their gratitude to the American engineer for providing technology solutions. Musk, in turn, expressed hope that his sub will be able to help local specialists in the future.

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The reaction of world leaders after the news about saving children from prison not long in coming. The President of the United States Donald trump congratulated the Thai Navy with the successful rescue of the “crafty cave”. “Such a marvelous time — all released, nice work!”, — said trump.

In his, to put it mildly, a full agenda of the last days found time for congratulations and the British Prime Minister Theresa may. “Pleased to observe the successful salvation of all who are trapped in the caves of Thailand. The whole world watched the operation, and welcomes the courage of all who were involved in it,” she wrote.

To may, trump was joined by the head of the government of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir. “Today was won by the hope, compassion and courage. Send warmest wishes for a speedy recovery to all the brave boys from your friends in Iceland,” wrote the Prime Minister in his Twitter.

Walked four kilometers deep into the cave

A group of 12 members of the school football team aged from 11 to 16 years and their 25-year-old coach went missing in Thailand on 23 June. The day after a workout, they decided to visit mountain Park and go down there to the cave Khao Luang. It is located deep underground, and its length is about 10 km to reach the cave you have to descend the stairs to a depth of about 90 meters. Tourists are asked not to dive in Khao Luang deeper than 800 meters, because it is easy to get lost.

This information is not confused teenagers and their coach, and they decided to walk the tunnels almost four kilometers. When the team decided to return home, she found that the way out of Khao Luang is flooded with water.

The phenomenon is typical for Thailand, where from may to October is the monsoon season. To get to the surface, the children had to swim several kilometers underwater lake.

Of the missing football team the law enforcement officers said the child, who in that day serendipitously decided to stay at home. The staff of mountain Park found at the entrance to the cave of bikes and things of young players. Themselves missing managed to find just nine days later — on 2 July. Did the British divers John Volanthen and Richard Stanton. His immersion in the cave, they were compared to swimming “in the pool with cold coffee.” This drink resembles the color of rain water mixed with dirt on the walls of Khao Luang.

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During the first meeting with the rescuers all teenagers and their coach was in a depleted condition: almost 10 days they spent in the damp walls of the cave. Divers delivered food and medications.

On that day, the children wrote a letter to his relatives in it they talked about his health and dreams about delicious food.

To the family of the wards, then turned and coach of the football team: “Thank you for the moral support us. I ask all parents to forgive me. Ask your children to forgive me for the fact that they went into the cave without saying anything to you.”

After the detection of the group of rescuers began to develop scenarios on rescuing people from captivity. The first involved the use of aqualungs, the second drilling shafts, which can be lifted one by one all the children, and the third assumed that students will have to spend in the cave for a few months until the rainwater, and they will be able to leave the dungeon tunnel on their own.

A few days later it was decided to stop at the first option. Rescuers taught the children the basics of diving, breathing in scuba gear and take them out of the cave in the light-weight diving gear. All the way adolescents was accompanied by a number of frogmen.

The real test for children

Diver Vsevolod Korobov who took part in the rescue operation, said that such extreme conditions even for trained divers. “It’s strong currents, very poor visibility, to the point that you can’t read the readings, bringing them to face,” he said in an interview with “bi-Bi-si”.

Danish diver Ivan karadžić, who was also involved in save the children marveled at the way students underwent this test. “They were forced to do what did no child. For children in any case is not normal to engage in cave diving at the age of 11.

They dive in extremely dangerous environment with zero visibility. The only light is a lantern which you carry yourself under water. We were very afraid of panic on their part.

I still can’t believe how cool these little children. They are incredibly strong,” he said “bi-Bi-si”.

During the preparation of the evacuation was not without tragedy. July 6 in the cave killed one of the divers and volunteers. He was taken to the far chamber of the cave air tanks and died from lack of oxygen on the way back to the exit.

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