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“The theory of a flat earth or a flat confirmation of the existence of mind?”

"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"

Exposing whistleblowers.


In this world there’s nothing new for quite some time.There will always be those who are well-forgotten old,blind supposedly something new,whether new age religion,little green men,the ringing cedars ,a conspiracy theory or the THEORY of a FLAT EARTH



The flat Earth society (eng. Flat Earth Society) is an organization founded in England and later revived in the United States promoting the idea of a flat Earth. The flat Earth society advocated the idea that the Earth is shaped like a flat disk.


The flat Earth society is considered to be one of the varieties of denialism — irrational denial of common facts and scientific data.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


At the origins of the flat Earth Society was the British inventor Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884), who, in the nineteenth century proved a flat shape of the Earth. His followers founded the Universal esteticheskoe society (eng. Universal Zetetic Society).


In the US the idea of Rowbotham was perceived by John Alexander DOE (eng. John Alexander Dowie), founded in 1895, the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church. In 1906 the head of the Church became the Deputy Director of the DOE Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who championed and promoted the flat Earth until his death in 1942.


In 1956, Samuel Shenton (eng. Samuel Shenton) revived the World esteticheskoe society called the International flat Earth society. As President of the society in 1971 it was replaced by Charles Johnson. Over three decades of Johnson’s presidency, the number of supporters of the society has increased significantly. The society has distributed information leaflets, flyers and similar literature, which advocated a flat-Earth model. In the face of their leaders, the society claimed that landing a man on the moon was a hoax, filmed in Hollywood on the script of Arthur C. Clarke or Stanley Kubrick.


Charles Johnson died in 2001, and at the moment the continued existence of the International flat Earth society is in question.


According to the statements of supporters of the society, those who disagree with their point of view amounted to a conspiracy to hide the truth from us.


Cosmology of companies is:

– The earth is a flat disc 40,000 km in diameter, centered in the North pole

– Sun and Moon rotate above the Earth’s surface. The same thing happens with stars.

– Gravity is negated. Acceleration of free fall arises due to the fact that the Earth is moving upwards with relativistic acceleration of 9.8 m/S2. Due to the curvature of space-time so you can accelerate indefinitely.

– The South pole does not exist. What we think Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding world.

– All photos of the Earth from space are fakes.

– Distance between objects in the southern hemisphere a lot more. The fact that flights between them are faster than it should be according to the map of a flat Earth, due to the fact that the pilots of the aircraft are also involved in the plot.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


A new trend degradantov in physics – the Earth is flat!!!

In rare cases when you just want droop on the Internet, I burn my time watching documentaries on various topics: weapons, space, physics and so on. And that’s the last time, we found a trend gaining momentum around the spring (2016). Around this theme has developed this company to discredit the seemingly obvious fundamentals of the structure of the world.


Frankly, I myself sometimes questioned certain research and discoveries in physics and space. For example I am not quite sure what the speed of light limit, so I don’t believe in stretching and compression of space and time as well as any ideas of antiquity in London. Also, I don’t believe in superconductivity, the energy use of the synthesis of light nuclei, gravitational waves, light pressure and in the existence of black holes, which are yet abstraction on a napkin mathematicians. But even I, with my skeptical look turned out to be far from viewers and bloggers of the year 2016.


So, please welcome the new world conspiracy – the Earth is flat !!!


Finally rogulev the last remnants of reason and based on the tactics channel REN TV, some rivately covers thought – why not monetize anything incredible?!


Either jokingly, or seriously, which is very unfortunate in this day and age, bloggers and researchers rushed to suck from a finger proof version of a flat earth. On the one hand, to call the evidence their arguments are based on initially incorrect set experiments and a lack of understanding of certain effects is extremely difficult. But the average Internet user, who has already served 11 years for the party or maybe still it sits (probably in vain), these “facts” seem to be unquestionably true and proving a version of the flat Earth.

Further more… a version of the flat Earth grew into something more. On the one hand, wood in the subject throw the religious people, reading their poems in the comments, which of course this trend is at hand. On the other hand this version is cluttered with all the new discoveries Internet researchers and in the fullness of his goes something like this:


“The earth is flat. The sun is much smaller and much closer to the Ground. The whole of reality is an experiment on us. The astronauts do not fly into space, and shoot your videos on Earth. The moon does not exist is a hologram… the Masons, the world conspiracy, the matrix…”

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In the framework version that the Earth is flat and all around solid deception and lies, they decided to calculate the distance from the surface of the Earth to the Sun. One of the assistants was located in Krasnodar, the other in Novosibirsk. The experiment was carried out simultaneously by Moscow time. Both scored pegs in the ground, measured the length of the pegs and the shadows that they had left on earth. Calculated angles of a right triangle and the angle bisector, came to the conclusion that the Sun is at a distance of 6000 km, and its diameter is approximately 58 km away.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


What were you thinking guys when you took into account that the shadows in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk are in the same plane? It is not clear. Especially if you refer to the coordinates of longitude, on which Novosibirsk is at 82 degrees East longitude, and Krasnodar on 38 degrees (this is even if not to take into account the removal and the curvature of the Earth latitudes), Such insignificant difference of 44 degrees, the main experimenter and rivately covers, Somehuman, decided not to take…


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


As you know experiment initially was not delivered correctly. But likes and 1147 655 dislikes to the video which 52 000 views, as it tells us that two-thirds of the Internet population of the CIS and Russia in particular, deserve such a government, all the scams which often fall, and indeed they still are very lucky in life.


To understand the essence of this experience you need to look at one picture below.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


As you can see in this trigonometry the distance to the light source, without some assumptions, it is impossible to detect ( I’m not surprised that guys slightly falsified data, length, direction, mm, degrees).


That is if you measure shadows simultaneously at three points, and one of them was in the southern hemisphere, it is possible to carry out the calculation. But then again, if it is carried out in the framework of a flat Earth, it is not surprising that the calculated distance to the Sun happens in a few thousand miles.


And if it is conducted within the concave inside of the Earth, that the Sun can do the calculations to be several tens of kilometers. Well done guys!


The map of a flat Earth.

Quite often, the supporters of this theory show the next card.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


(Which by the way is the stereographic projection of the Earth from the South pole)


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


According to the theory of a flat Earth and all of it arising, our, flat Earth surrounded by ice, which is a completely different world and a different civilization. I guess for such conclusions you need a very good reason and data.


And here are some of them:


1) the Sun is reduced in apparent size at the sunset as if moving away from us in a straight line, and not just gone below the horizon.




The thickness of the atmosphere through which the rays of the sun from the visible horizon, and above him is different. In consequence of that glowing corona of the Sun is reduced, so changing the color to red.


If you conduct the same survey through a darkened glass we see that the size of the Sun in the sky is always the same.


Well, as famous skyscraper in the UAE, with the help of which you can see two of the sunset: one at its foot, and the second from a skyscraper, previously rising on an Express Elevator? I believe that this observation clearly confirms the sunset over the convex horizon.


2) Why is there no flights-flights over Antarctica?


It would seem a shorter Route from Chile to Australia but no need to fly across the Northern hemisphere.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


Do as many as 11 of 366 miles. For example from Sydney (Australia) to Santiago (Chile)


But it turns out that the planes on such routes and fly. Sweep the Earth in a flat map is the same route.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"




But it turns out that the planes on such routes and fly. Sweep the Earth in a flat map is the same route.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


But why not fly through the Antarctica, the question of course is good. But first I need find, the shortest route which would have passed through Antarctica?) How and where you can fly through Antarctica by the shortest route?


3) the Light filtering through the clouds.


On this phenomenon conclude that the Sun is much closer than we are told by official science. Yes, and this is not a star, and some flashlight.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


Indeed, if you look at these pictures where you can see how the Sun’s rays breaking through the layer of dense clouds, we can see that the rays of light diverge at such an angle at which the light source would be much closer to the clouds. And again, experimenters.


It would seem, indeed, why we do not see the vertical rays from the Sun, which is our 147 000 000 km and a diameter of 1 392 000 km.




Yes indeed, the rays passing through clouds diverge somewhat at an angle. But here it should be noted that the atmosphere at the cloud ends. For example, the data clouds in the photo above, are approximately at an altitude of 2000 meters (2 km), at a time when the atmosphere is present at 100 km from the Earth’s surface. Refracting rays of light the air lens 98 km, passing through the open layers of clouds, we can see a picture. Read more about refraction of light in the video below. for the same reason we see sunsets later than it is actually, and the sunrises earlier.

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Launched rocket hit the dome of heaven


( note the mats! see 8:29, but completely, just don’t forget to wear tinfoil hats)


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


The missile hit the heavenly dome! Flew away into Space! Sensation!

Such conclusions were made by the author of the video. For me still the question remains – why the rocket was supposed to fly into space?


The height on which rose the rocket, 254, 000 ft (78 km). Speed which developed the missile, as we can see from the indicator placed on the video, is approximately equal to 3800 miles/hour ( 6115 km/h) which is approximately equal to 1.6 km/sec.


The author of the video obviously does not know what the necessary rate at which the body becomes a satellite of the Earth equal to about 7.9 km/sec, and to leave the Earth’s orbit and the network to the orbit of the Sun you need to make the order of 11.2 km/sec. This is called the first and second cosmic velocities, and they depend solely on the force of gravity of the object, in this case Land.


Also, the author of the video somehow didn’t notice the satellites, with a height of 78 km above the Ground, flying at an altitude of 400 km and above, and have a size from soccer ball to several metres across. Really weird…


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


The astronauts do not fly in space – it simply does not exist!

This thesis is in the framework of the theory of a flat Earth, should be expanded.


Space no. All the astronauts are in collusion and are Freemasons. Does not exist satellites and spacecraft in orbit. Pilots deceiving everyone on the flight routes as they, too, are in collusion or under pain of deprivation of life.


Here’s the whole business…





If we discard all the garbage that carried the author in consequence of lack of knowledge in the field of technology and devices of the spacecraft, celestial mechanics, it is possible to mention one thing (3: 21).


The author noticed a blue chroma key on the rear screen with the astronaut, during the visit of George Bush senior in the Agency, NASA claims that this way makes the video staging on the ISS, which in reality does not exist.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


Here it should be noted that the fact of using NASA blue chromakey caused a huge uproar among Internet users. The real explanations from NASA about its use were made. On the Internet you can find many videos in which the authors are referring to this video conclude that everything that happens on the ISS is nothing but a statement.


Do chroma key of this kind is used as a substrate for 3D animation. This technology is called shooting orad virtual technology. But it blue screens with the cells look somewhat different than the videos from the ISS.


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


The astronauts also used a slightly different sect, the markup which was perfect, even with the same sectors.

On the other hand, it is not clear that he tried to hide the astronauts covering only part of the internal structures and equipment of the ship?


This sect is more suitable for video recording the trajectory of objects on a clear background. And it is for this cause was numbered by sector coordinates. As you can see in the video below, and so it proved.





In the case of the use of green screen this size , inadvertently POPs the question – they wanted to hide the astronauts at the piece of cloth that size? What visual effects they wanted to create?


One of the irrefutable evidence of the existence and work of the ISS is to demonstrate the state of weightlessness, which create the earth’s conditions is impossible. Yes, there are options for the creation of weightlessness in planes which move in a parabola. But this is a very short period of time. How, then, removed hundreds of videos which can find on YouTube that go without don for several tens of minutes?


And how to explain this photo? Which clearly shows the line of bending of water which protrude from the tops of the houses on the other side of the shore? After all, the coast and land is not visible?


"Теория плоской земли или подтверждение наличия плоского ума?"


Summing up, it should be noted that most of the supporters of this theory are ardent adherents of certain religious movements. The overall level of the degradation of education in the Sciences affects a growing audience of supporters of this theory. All the so-called facts is nothing but a wrong interpretation of the phenomena of nature in favor of one or another theory.

In one case, that would cut the monetization of views, on the other hand enter with the misconception of ordinary people.


How often do magicians, by the way.

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