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The Syrian Sarakeb dumped barrels of toxic substances

На сирийский Саракеб сбросили бочки с отравляющими веществами

Two barrels filled with toxic substances, were dumped from an unknown helicopter on the Syrian town of Sarakeb in Idlib province. On Tuesday, 2 August, reports BBC News.

“We know that chlorine. The experience of the use of such substances in the past, we are familiar with its odor and symptoms of the victims,” said working in Dr. Abdel Aziz Bari (Abdel Aziz Bareeh). According to him, confirmed 28 cases of damage mainly suffered by women and children.

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Volunteers from local civil defence teams have been unable to confirm the information of doctors about the contents of the barrels.

Chlorine is an industrial chemical, its combat use is prohibited by the chemical weapons Convention.

July 14, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a special statement in which he reported about the plans to accuse Moscow in the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

According to the UN, in Syria during the civil war, which began in 2011, has repeatedly used chemical agent sarin. In particular, it was proven that chemical weapons were used in 2013 in the rebel-controlled outskirts of Damascus, killing hundreds of people.

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Later Damascus with Moscow’s mediation, agreed to destroy his chemical Arsenal, and in February 2015 it was announced about the complete chemical disarmament of Syria.

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