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The Syrian pipeline war: revealed the tricks of the US military industrial complex in the middle East

Сирийский конвейер войны: раскрыты уловки ВПК США на Ближнем Востоке

The war in Syria, gave rise to an enhanced arms race in the middle East, became the military-industrial companies in the U.S. the main source of income in recent years. The fact that the ongoing Syrian conflict has generated a “Klondike” for creating military – feeders from the accompanying “terrorism” to global confrontation between Pro-Saudi and the Gulf countries with Iran.

The situation of permanent war in the middle East, launched during the “Arab spring”, put it for American weapons manufacturers, not only in new military orders, but also in the growth of their capitalization. For example, shares of Lockheed Martin produces the F-22 and F-35 in 2015, up 13%. At the same time increased the performance of the shares of the manufacturer of communication systems L3 – 1.38 dollar in 2015 to $ 2.08 in 2016.

Last year was a record income for the us defense industry in the middle East. Profit Lockheed Martin has doubled from $ 100 million to $ 200 million. Another American giant Raytheon has increased its exports to 31%, increasing the profit of 23.2 billion to 24.5 billion dollars, also through the provision of an arms race in the middle East.

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The growth of capitalization of the largest military companies in the U.S. with a rating of a+ and A are American experts associated with “defensive steps” of middle Eastern countries, bearing in mind that under the neutral term of the war in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. They skillfully played on any aggravation to extract excessive profits. For example, the shooting down of Turkey Russian su-24 Lockheed Martin used to justify the release of the F-22 and F-35 to protect American pilots in Syria.

However, the greatest profit American military companies have provided the “Islamic state.”* Thanks IG missiles “have become consumer goods”, and armored vehicles M-ATV Oshkosh production was in demand in Arab countries for the mechanization of infantry units.

Most consumable weapons for the fight against ISIS have become super-expensive “Tomahawks” worth about $ 2 million apiece. Under the pretext that the missiles are single-use weapons, the Pentagon lobbied Congress the adoption of a missile program, according to which in the next five years it is planned to produce four thousand Tomahawk missiles and missile SM-6 to provide opportunity for sea guidance.

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But for the weapons themselves to terrorists in the course is light to medium weapons: rifles, AK-47s, mortars, machine guns and heavy bombers, anti-tank weapons. The known data for 2015, such delivery via a fake Saudi and Qatari funds coming from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, at a cost of 1.2 billion euros.

The chaos of war in the middle East allowed the us military corporations to avoid a decrease in income due to the reduction of the military budget of the United States, starting in 2013, under sequestration in 454 billion. Indeed, despite the fall in oil prices, the budget crisis in the Persian Gulf countries will not affect their military spending. In Saudi Arabia and Egypt they doubled in 2014, providing the American military-industrial complex lion’s share of orders.

As practice shows, the state of the defense industry of the United States depends on military threats that us intelligence agencies inspire in the middle East.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) terrorist group, the activity is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation

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