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The strength of mortar during a training exercise under Exactly happened because of the poor quality of weapons

Разрыв миномета во время учений под Ровно произошел из-за некачественного оружия

In the Rivne region, the strength of mortar during a training exercise occurred because of the low quality weapons.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the expert on security issues to Sergey Shabovta.

“If you look at the statistics, the mortars of Ukrainian origin in the armed forces have repeatedly exploded in Ukraine. Military associate it with low quality weapons. In particular, the fact that the mortars are produced at the plant, owned by President Poroshenko. In this situation we do not receive objective and reliable information. And what would have been the professional trainers and experts on security issues, if the technique is low quality, then they would not be able to prevent the tragedy. To provide a defect of the technique is impossible”,- said S. Shabovta.

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According to the expert, the APU will pay compensation to the relatives of the dead servicemen.

“On our sites negligence and poor attention to security issues lead to such tragic incidents. It says that the level of discipline and organisation of classes with combat equipment is carried out with significant violations of organisational principles. Obviously this is a sensitive issue in the life of the armed forces. Relatives of the victims will find some kind of innocence for the simple reason that they will explain that the soldiers were in the service. I don’t think APU will pay compensation to the relatives of the victims. In addition, no one will change poor-quality mortar, and this case will not be particularly indicative of changes in the activity of the APU,” – concluded S. Shabovta.

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We will remind, at 6 a.m. at the Rivne landfill during a training exercise broke the mortar.

This information TSN confirmed in the Ministry of defence.

It is reported that three persons were lost, nine more got wounds of varying severity. All military who stood with the weapon, or did not survive, either now hospitalized. More information the military has not yet disclosed.

In turn, the press service of the operational command “Zahid” reports that during the combat training in one of the units the event occurred, which killed and injured several soldiers. Circumstances of the tragic accident are being investigated.

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