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The state Duma has proposed to open branches of the colonies at major construction sites

Госдуме предложили открывать филиалы колоний при крупных стройках

To the state Duma introduced a bill providing for the opening of branches of colonies at major construction sites or enterprises who need manpower. The bill amending the Penal code, prepared by the State Council of the Komi Republic.

The authors of the document propose to Supplement the Criminal Executive code with an article which States that “in order to attract the convicted to work can be created isolated patches, functioning as a colony-settlement, outside the penal colony, but within the subject of the Russian Federation on whose territory is located a penal colony”.

The bill States in the explanatory Memorandum, is aimed at improving the mechanisms for the implementation of a new kind of criminal punishment — forced labor.

The bill will allow with minimal costs to the Federal budget to extend the employment of convicts-settlers and convicts to forced labor in various sectors of the economy on its own production of criminal Executive system (further — UIS), and civil enterprises, maximum use of labor reserves the UIS to replace labour migrants <…>.

→ The state Duma of the Russian Federation

In may 2015 it was reported that a bill allowing convicts to be employed on the enterprises located far from correctional institutions, prepared by the Chairman of state Duma Committee on security Alexander Khinshtein. The bill Hinstein were also talking about the creation of “isolated areas, functioning as a colony-settlements outside the penal colony for labour adaptation of convicts”. Innovation, said Khinshtein, the newspaper “Kommersant”, will allow to involve prisoners, for example, to the construction of venues and infrastructure for the 2018 world Cup, which will be held in Russia.

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In the list of documents under consideration by the state Duma Khinshtein, a bill on employment of prisoners outside of the colonies is not listed.

In modern world practice prison labour is used, among others, private and public companies in the U.S., Germany and France.

Prison labor was used extensively in the USSR in the years 1930-1950. Prisoners participated in the construction of virtually all major industrial and transport facilities, built in that period of time.

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