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The situation in Syria: the expert explained why the militants began to surrender their weapons

Ситуация в Сирии: эксперт объяснил, почему боевики начали сдавать свое оружие

Senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies, candidate of historical Sciences Boris Dolgov commented on the situation in Syria, where the background of the successful actions of the CAA militants began to surrender their weapons.

According to the Arab news Agency SANA, a normalization procedure status in North-Eastern province of Dar was about a thousand people. Many of these people are disarmed militants. For example, in the village of Xaghra has been settled position 450 people, half of whom were fighters, and persons who are wanted. It should be noted that part of the ex-militants not only delivers weapons, but also enter into the ranks of the Syrian army to fight against his former “colleagues”.

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Boris Dolgov in conversation with journalists of the Internet portal “FAN” said that the Syrian government pays great attention to the inclusion in the peaceful life of persons who were part of illegal armed groups, but later laid down their arms. Policy Damascus in this direction has already shown its effectiveness.

The press expressed the opinion that the decision of militants to surrender their weapons was largely due to the success of the Syrian army in different regions of the country. Small armed groups, realizing the complexity of their situation, decide to stop to resist. Previously, the same situation could be observed in other States. The expert recalled that in Algeria some of the militants moved to the side of the government forces.

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Boris Dolgov also noted that not all players in the region support the surrender of arms by militants. For anybody not a secret that in Syria there are forces interested in destabilizing the situation. They actively oppose peace processes.

“This international coalition led by the United States and the Gulf monarchies, which, on the contrary, support the armed anti-government group”, – said Boris Dolgov.

Also it is not excluded that hinder peace processes are radical groups and forces, currently trained by American specialists in some parts of the country.

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