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The simplest ways to be saved from a heart attack

When we want to strengthen your health, the first thing come to mind vitamins and minerals that people living in big cities really not enough. On the other hand, increasingly doctors say that our body itself, without assistance able to produce various substances needed to maintain health.

No exception and nitric oxide, a special role which was discovered by scientists about 20 years ago. So, according to the Ichor of the hook, an Austrian Professor, two PhDs and a doctor of the Vienna private clinic, more than this element in our body, the stronger the immune system, and less… the chance of heart attack.

Nobel prize for the discovery of the molecule nitric oxide was awarded in 1998. American pharmacologist Louis Ignarro with colleagues not just established that this molecule is produced in the human body. Was discovered close relationship of many diseases, including hypertension, myocardial ischemia, thrombosis, Oncology, disorders of physiological processes which regulate nitric oxide.

Multi-year project Professor Ignarro to investigate the role of nitric oxide were described in his book “NO more heart diseases” (“No more heart disease”), which was translated into Russian language. In it a scientist, in particular, attaches a very important role in therapy of nitric oxide in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, with age, the “self-production” of nitric oxide in the human body decreases. The arteries gradually cease to produce enough oxygen and grows cholesterol plaques. To avoid vascular accident, stroke or heart attack, it is proposed to maintain the health of blood vessels by stimulating the production in the body nitric oxide, and of course leading a healthy lifestyle.

How to stimulate nitric oxide production?

Today, still many are not even aware of the importance of nitric oxide for the body. As ichor said the cook, “even my students are learning on outdated textbooks. When I asked them which part of our body plays the most important role, 99 percent of them replied that it was oxygen. It is fundamentally wrong! For 20 years we know that such an element is nitrogen oxide. During this launch, my friend in 1997 received the Nobel prize.”

According to Professor hook, even when access to oxygen is blocked, the heart continues to beat, but without nitric oxide the muscles of the heart immediately stops pumping blood.

But nitric oxide is not only useful for heart health. The large quantity of the molecules contained in the brain protecting it from dementia and degenerative disorders, doctors say. Nitric oxide also affects long-term memory, thinking, strengthens the immune system, enabling it to fight viruses, bacteria and even cancer.

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By the way, women after the age of fifty much more likely to face cardiovascular problems than men. The thing is that before menopause the estrogen level in women very high — and because of this the amount of nitric oxide in the body is also quite large. However, after menopause and a sharp drop in the level of female hormones decreases and the level of nitric oxide. That is why ladies are obliged to follow the amount in the blood since an early age.

According to Dr. hook, to intensify the production of this substance is easiest with a healthy diet. First of all, you need to lean on the pumpkin and nuts. They contain a lot of arginine — amino acid required for the synthesis of this molecule in the body. The daily rate of arginine — 100-150 grams per day. If you don’t like pumpkin and don’t want to eat many nuts because of the fear of gaining weight, take arginine in supplements. And the easiest and absolutely available source of nitrogen oxide — freshly squeezed beet juice, like the doctor and TV presenter Dmitry Shubin.

To stimulate the production of nitric oxide, it is necessary to keep the body and the normal level (500 mg a day) of calcium. This, in turn, need vitamins D3 and K2. Daily dose of vitamin D3, a large number of which is contained in dairy products and fish, is around 600 IU. According to Professor hook, you can’t overdose, because the body needs huge quantities of the item. As a rule, men, on the contrary, there is a lack of this vitamin due to the lack of sunlight. Vitamin K2 (required daily amounts of 100-200 µg) controls the production of calcium and prevents its deposition in the kidney in the form of stones.

Dr. hook recalls that calcium is very important for health. “If all of the calcium evaporates from your body, you will die. 99% of the human body consists of six elements: 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 1.5% calcium and 1.2% phosphorus,” emphasizes the doctor. The other eleven elements make up less than 1%: 0.2 percent potassium and 0.2% sulfur and 0.2% chlorine, 0.1% sodium, less than 0.05% of cobalt, 0.05% copper, 0.05% zinc and iodine”.

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The study of nitric oxide and its properties continues, it is associated with in the development of new drugs against many different diseases.

Six tips for the health of the cardiovascular system from Nobel laureate Louis Ignarro:

Wait more and sit less. Sitting slows down the circulation of lipase — blood enzyme that is responsible for the absorption of fat. Be sure to do a 15 — 30 minute breaks for standing or walking and find other ways to move: walk, talking on the phone and take breaks to walk around the office and on the street.

Add to your diet foods that enhance cardiovascular health, for example, beet juice or blueberries. Beet juice contains high levels of nitrate, which our body converts to nitric oxide — an important signaling molecule that promotes blood vessel relaxation and healthy blood flow. This process supports healthy blood pressure levels. Blueberries contain a subclass of flavonoids known as anthocyanins support healthy endothelial function (flat cells lining the inner surface of blood and lymphatic vessels) and, as a result, the production of nitric oxide.

Walking, Jogging or running is a great way to force your blood to circulate more intensively. The blood flowing through the blood vessels, induces endothelial cells to produce nitric oxide.

Engage in yoga. Yoga is good not only for peace of mind, it also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. It is believed that this is facilitated by relaxation and reduction of stress, which positively affects the heart rhythm. Yoga supports General fitness, strength and flexibility.

Relax. During sleep the heart rate slows, blood pressure falls, and cardiovascular system is restored and updated. This process is an important part of supporting healthy circulation. A very important quality sleep — 7 to 8 hours at night. Don’t break your biological rhythm of a long night sitting in Internet. Please refrain from late dinner, time to go to bed and early to rise, then the body will have the maximum opportunity to recover.

A special role in maintaining a healthy circulation play omega-3 fatty acids that help support normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby contributing to the health of the cardiovascular system. Two or more servings of fatty fish (salmon, mackerel or tuna) in a week help to provide the necessary amount of these nutrients.

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