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The shame of St. Petersburg before the 2018 world Cup

Питерский позор перед ЧМ-2018

St. Petersburg “flying saucer” stadium on Krestovsky island again asking for money. At this time we are talking about the amount of 400 million rubles. Time needed for arranging the roll-out of the field, without which, as we are assured in the Smolny Institute, to conduct at this stage matches of the 2018 world Cup will not be allowed by FIFA. Confirmed and CEO of the organizing Committee of the 2018 world Cup Alexei Sorokin.

— The amount necessary for the transfer of the media center and bring to mind the field that you want to roll out of the stadium bowl. A preliminary decision is, but it is still not formalized, he said. — It is necessary to obtain the official consent of the International football Federation. While there is General agreement”.

According to Alexei Kudrin, the project will be financed from the budget of St. Petersburg. Giving, apparently, understand that these 400 million — a mere trifle compared with the 43 billion that was spent on the construction of the stadium (according to estimates of the international organization for the fight against corruption Transparency International — all 50 billion roubles). And not the first time we find the next portion of funds to “bring to mind” what had to be done immediately and well. After may of this year, “St. Petersburg-arena” was commissioned, and it matches began, the flow of budget funds not only continues, but increases. Suffice it to recall the story of the lawn, was “suddenly” not fit for football with a sliding roof. Apart is the problem with the roll-out field.

Many professionals were initially against him. From the agronomic point of view the root system in this field, vulnerable to the dynamics, can “break” after the first games. But very much like the initiators of “superarena” headed by the then Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko “to surprise the sports world.” And it was a success! Last autumn, the FIFA experts who arrived on the banks of the Neva river, an hour spent in the field, trying to understand what was happening to him. Its vibration was not just palpable, it was off the charts!

In order to resolve it, required the installation of about 300 tons of steel I-beams and jacks 700 that the increased mass of the field from 6,000 to 7,400 tonnes, making it fly. About the costs of these unplanned work in the city administration chose then not to spread. Assuring the public that this of the “roll-out” plan, in principle, to give up, and on the Playground, which was originally intended for him to build a media center and “other infrastructure”. And now a new, more precisely, the next “rollback”.

— Recently in the city Parliament held a joint meeting of all stakeholders, including specialists, — told the correspondent of “SP” source in the construction Committee of the city administration. We have analyzed the situation, assessed the cost of the necessary works and came to the conclusion that 400 million rubles — this is the minimum required amount that will allow you to troubleshoot a retractable pitch, and also to build a new media centre for accredited journalists.

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“SP”: — What’s he got in the way, just because a small?

What takes his place. The platform is designed to move the field from the roof directly to the stadium. By the way, it takes for this “procedure” from five to seven hours. That, as you know, requires consistency of all systems of machinery. This was spelled out in the draft, to change that, no one will.

Did not evade questions from the press and supervising the St. Petersburg “project of the century” the Vice-Governor Igor Albin.

— Not made a decision yet, he said. — Experience of operating rolling lawns says that they have to periodically change. To make it easier to change, roll-out field must be on the outer perimeter. Therefore, we proposed to our partners from FIFA and the Ministry of sports, the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” to move it there from the stadium bowl and there to exploit. And for this we need to move the media center. Yet it is only in the discussion stage. Because the requirements for the confederations Cup and world Cup are different, we face challenges. In particular, there are no technical specifications for the design of temporary infrastructure.

Earlier spoke on this occasion Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko.

— There are certain nuances, because around the stadium is very large temporary infrastructure that must be maintained, he stressed. — I would hope that all systems will work as they planned. If the field must roll, it must roll out. With this percentage of zakryvateli roof grass can not grow. So here are two options: to roll or pitch, or we have every 3-4 months to change the pitch. Here it is necessary to calculate all the technology and see which path to choose.

To comment on a situation the correspondent of “SP” asked Dmitry Korelova known Petersburg specialist, member of the Presidium of the city football Federation, which is responsible for the quality of the stadiums fields, including artificial.

“SP”: — Dmitry Alexandrovich, what is the “pros” and “cons” draw-out fields? Argue about this a lot now in football circles!

— Nothing to argue about, as the downsides of these fields is almost none. Only the pros. In particular, thanks to the regular “extensions”, lawn grass is aerated, saturated with oxygen, absorbs the sun’s rays, and, therefore, grows best.

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“SP”: — But the sun is enough, perhaps, to the stadium, if not to shut it down?

— There is no stadium that would be a hundred percent was “full” sunlight. A maximum of 50%.

“SP”: — Agronomists, specializing in the cultivation of football lawns, argue that the root system on this field is very vulnerable and deteriorating rapidly…

Do not believe! Roll-out field is like a bathtub. Just for the wheels (they are in the arena of the Central 394 — ed.) which move on rails (which 18 — ed.) using electroerosion and controlled by a system of lasers that can detect the slightest change in trajectory.

“SP”: — And last fall they recorded these changes, which became one of the main causes of vibration. The concrete base of the field was filled in with crooked.

— Is… has long been corrected.

Less optimistic, Herman Zonin, the deserved trainer of the USSR.

— Imagining God knows what, now lie in it — categorical Herman Semenovich. As if in a bottomless pit go off in the stadium and millions of the budget. Surprisingly, as in the old days and built quickly, and lawns were the years, delighting players and fans for their quality. And with the current “modern technology” a bit of a nuisance, but still not cheap.

With regard to the construction of a new media center, how it was succeeded to learn, it considered the option of moving one of the existing Parking lots near the stadium at the Krestovskiy. How, in fact, originally planned. The fact that he took the pad field withdrawable “merit”, as they say, the curator of the site — Igor Albin. Was late with the deadlines of the arena, “pressed” Cup of the Confederation, here and built a temporary to quickly…

By the way, today the cost of construction of temporary infrastructure, which was required for the holding of the Confederations Cup 2017 and necessary for world Cup 2018 is 3.74 billion (899 million of them were allocated from the Federal budget by the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation). This price includes dismantling of the media center and television. Last Monday, by the construction Committee of the city administration requested the allocation of another portion of additional funds for 2018 — in the amount of 432 million rubles.


The Deputy of the Petersburg Parliament Boris Vishnevsky published data on the reallocation in 2016 of 2.6 billion from the targeted investment programme for the completion of “St. Petersburg arena”. The construction was stopped 7 schools, 13 kindergartens, Houses of culture, arts schools, 8 health facilities, including children’s, 2 ice rinks and one bath.

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