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The scandal with the “Ural”: who carried weapons, who are in Tunisia

Скандал с "Уралом": кому везли оружие, попавшее в Тунис

In the Tunisian port of Sfax suddenly came in the ship “Ural”, coming from Novorossiysk under the Panamanian flag. The final route included the Cameroon, but it circled off the coast of Libya. Tunisian customs is shocked: on Board were 24 containers with infantry fighting vehicles, bulldozers, military uniforms, radios, satellite communication equipment.

Stop in Tunisia was forced: apparently, the ship encountered some kind of serious failure. with reference to the Italian newspaper Agenzia Nova now reports that the Tunisian authorities are checking the crew for involvement in terrorism.

It should be noted that Tunisia is a country that is very proud that in its territory there are no foreign military bases, soldiers, weapons and because such incidents are treated with the utmost caution. But where was the ship from which the name and port of exit – Russian, flag – Panama and the operator – a Turkish company?

“It is very strange that the route of a ship that came from Novorossiysk appointment to Cameroon, – says Mikhail Voitenko on the website “Maritime Bulletin”. – Some problems appeared in the Ionian sea on February 9, but the ship passed through a small course almost all the Ionian sea – in itself is strange, because it with the destination port in Cameroon, in the Ionian sea there was nothing to do at all. Now, it gets interesting. The ship sharply turned South and approached the Libyan coast, where he again pondered for some time cruised at low speeds. It then proceeded to Tripoli, then again pondered, until finally, on February 13 are not formed on the final course to the sea. My screen with the track URAL stamped several media, and my analysis sounded some kind of military rank of Tunisia in the course of media interviews in connection with his detention.

Скандал с "Уралом": кому везли оружие, попавшее в Тунис 



The ship detained as a very suspicious cargo documents do not meet any requirements, the matter went to the Tunisian Prosecutor on the part of terrorism. Yesterday on 20 February, the ship attempted to visit representatives of the Russian Embassy in Tunisia, but he was denied. Terrorism and everything, you know. The ship owned by the Turkish company, flag of Panama, the name surprisingly not Turkish, but until 2013 it went under Turkish names. The crew was detained, his nationality is unknown, but something tells me that the crew is not Turkish. Russian media and government are silent as the now famous fish, although the story is slowly spreading through the world’s media.

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In the media wondering where and why URAL went in fact, and to whom all this wealth was intended. I do not exclude that indeed a weapon was in Cameroon, there is someone regularly with someone at war. But middle Eastern media do not exclude the possibility that the weapons were intended for Libya”.

“Remember the movie “the cutter”? – says Olga kortunova. – About the boat, which suddenly rushed to Africa to Chung-Chang? Well, that’s about the same story…. The ship URAL from Novorossiysk went to Africa…. broke down on the road and stood in Tunisia and where the local authorities have noticed a strange dancing of the boat out of the route in the area of Libya, inspected the goods…. and there….. what Tunisians modestly marked as “content containers designed for the military camp of the irregulars.”… We all understand that nothing without the consent of the authorities of Novorossiysk ‘ out towards Africa, especially with such a cargo on Board, could not.”

“Authorities are checking the crew for involvement in terrorism, and it is clear, as it was unclear what was driving the arms – says Lev Vershinin. – And it is clear why Moscow is silent about it as much as from 16 February, voicing a theme only when the news was an open secret: it is not clear what to say, always silent, to stop pretending that it does not have complete information. But will this fiasco of a passing detail, or the States hyping the topic, at the election accusing Moscow also in international terrorism, it is yet quite unclear, but soon we will understand”.

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“Maneuvers near Libyan coast, of course, are suspect, – says Anatoly nesmiyan. – In Libya, in full growth, there is a civil war, with the Kremlin clearly puts this war on one side – General Khalifa the Haftarot. In addition, there is information which is definitely very difficult to clarify, the presence in Libya of private mercenary forces from Russia.


It is possible that this route allowed us to put in the address or Haftorah, or mercenaries, military equipment, machinery or other useful war assets. Given that the supply of arms to Libya is illegal, the secrecy of such a contraband mission is understandable. Just unlucky – saved on the rusty ship, it was acting up on the way. Apparently, kickbacks and cuts available, even in this very sensitive region. But all the conventions are met. Flag – Panama operator – Turks. Ihtamnet, as usual.”

“TASS reported in the Russian Embassy that the “Ship owned by the Turkish company Akdeniz Roro, heading from Novorossiysk to the Cameroonian port of Douala with cargo intended for the authorities of the Central African Republic,” writes – According to the representative of the diplomatic mission customs inspection continues, the members of the crew are no Russian citizens.RIA Novosti, the Embassy said that “the situation with the vessel is not quite as it is described in “Maritime Bulletin”. Details the interlocutor of Agency has not resulted”.

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