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The satellite “Lomonosov” began to have serious failures

На спутнике "Ломоносов" начались серьёзные сбои

In the work of the scientific equipment of the satellite “Lomonosov” begun to be a serious malfunction. It is reported to the network edition of “RIA Novosti”, citing information received from sources in the space industry.


На спутнике "Ломоносов" начались серьёзные сбои

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Recall that the unit “Lomonosov” was launched into space on 28 April 2016 during the first ever launch of the carrier rocket from the cosmodrome East. The satellite is designed to study the extreme cosmic phenomena in the Earth’s atmosphere, near space and the Universe, in particular, gamma ray bursts or cosmic rays of extremely high energies. Another task is to study the radiation environment around the Earth.

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As reported, the satellite has any failures in the system of information transmission of scientific instruments. “On “Lomonosov” is in deep trouble. The part which is the responsibility of VNIIEM, works, but the science is fuzzy, so to speak, “—said the knowledgeable person.

На спутнике "Ломоносов" начались серьёзные сбои

It should be noted that the stated term of active existence of the satellite “Lomonosov” is three years. At the moment the device worked for just over two years.

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It is not clear whether the specialists to recover the onboard systems of the satellite. The solution of the problem by specialists of MSU and VNIIEM.

We add that the Lomonosov satellite is an international project, the creation of which was attended by scientists, postgraduates and students from South Korea, Spain, Canada, USA, Poland, Germany, Italy and Spain. The customer device is a MGU, and manufacturer — VNIIEM.

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