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The satanic dance of lies and Tomahawks

Сатанинский танец лжи и "Томагавков"

What is more dangerous: a lie or a weapon? Of course, a weapon: it kills really. Of course, a lie: it is able to kill more people. Both are equally dangerous, and lie is also a weapon. All three answers are correct.

In the attack the United States, Britain and France against Syria is a concoction of lies and cruise missiles worked together, demonstrating their satanic dance. Yes, you can say that it did not cause significant damage to the Syrian army. Yes, Syria has been using old, Soviet air defense systems to minimize the human losses (in different sources it was mentioned three or six wounded civilians). But the Incredible lie… a lie that, according to the teachings of Dr. Goebbels, the more monstrous, the easier it is to believe… She continues her “dance” after he finished “the Tomahawk”. And can lead to even more dire consequences.

You can make jokes and mock aggressors who bombed the old research centre in the quarter Barzov of Damascus. This Center was previously bombed by Israel, and perhaps it was then abandoned. You can rejoice in the fact that, according to the General staff of Russia, most of the “smart” and “good” tramp missiles were shot down old weapons in service with the Syrian army. You can put forward different theories about the “why”, etc.

But most importantly, the act of aggression does not cease to be a war crime, deserving the strongest condemnation. Moreover, the perpetrators of this aggression, by all conceivable and inconceivable laws, ought to be punished. But the mechanisms for this in the current world system is not. So they are not in prison, and in the air. And for a long time will lie to us all about what is happening in Syria and its “noble” mission, which is supposedly aimed at protecting civilians.

And if you imagine that a chemical weapon was talking about Washington, London, Paris and their “small dogs”, was actually in buildings that were bombed? Yes, at least in the same research center in Barzov? Around the object — densely populated area. If there were toxic substances, the crime of the aggressor would be much more ambitious — they would poison the whole neighborhood. And this — the protection of civilians? As a result, residents of the area was only saved by the fact that no chemical weapons were not there.

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Unfortunately, the most important result of the incident is the fact that triumph lies which led to the act of violence against a sovereign state. Precedent is not the first: earlier in the thick of lies was involved in the attacks on Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. But in the Syrian war, the predators have taken a very important step from threats and blackmail passed on to real criminal acts.

The “Overton window” in action. First, DC with the so-called anti-terrorist coalition argued that the intervention in Syria is not directed against its army and leadership (despite the fact that against Damascus, US argued from the beginning of the conflict). Ostensibly it is — only fight against ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Under this cover forces of the “coalition” destroyed the infrastructure of Syria, to build their base in Et Tape and training camps for “moderate opposition” and do other dark deeds. With one hand, “fighting” against ISIS, and the other saved its militants from the seemingly inevitable impact. But all this was under the guise of “fighting terrorism”, and in a direct clash with the Syrian army, “coalition” until a time is not entered.

Then increasingly began to receive news that the US and its allies strikes on the army cap. First accidentally, then — not by chance, but for the mythical self. At the same time it was the American statement that she still did not want direct confrontation with the army of the country where coalition forces so rudely broke in.

Last year a provocation with chemical weapons has led to a criminal U.S. attack on the airfield of the Syrian army “Shirt”. Another step to what is happening currently, even one bite of a predator trying to prey taste, and looking — if there’s someone to stop him.

Now it came to the point that Washington believes that “administers justice” (as expressed at a meeting of the UN security Council by the US permanent representative Nikki Haley). This “struggle for justice” means that now the White house and the Pentagon have appropriated the right to bomb in Syria, do anything. Such an attack took place at four o’clock in the morning of April 14.

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Each time increases not only the power and scale of the attack and the enormity of the lies and the insensitivity of the anti-Syrian statements. What we will see next time, when somewhere in the office of the White house or the Pentagon (or maybe the Elysee Palace) decide that somewhere in Syria again used chemical weapons mythical? Carpet bombing of Damascus, Aleppo and other cities? Attacks against Russian military installations?

And the ground for new attacks (which may become even more aggressive and bloody) already prepared. She generously fertilized with lies. Moreover, the lie, which belong in the dustbin of history. Nothing new but the lies about Syrian chemical weapons, even think criminals can’t. Or don’t want. Why, if the lie works?

The aggressor and expands its geographic coverage. Sanctions over Syria threaten Russia. At the same time trump was trying to weaken Iran, even to withdraw from the deal on nuclear weapons with the country and thus to enter this country against new sanctions. The reasons for this new round of animosity toward Iran is not directly declared, but one of them may be the fact that Iran is an ally of Syria. We can expect further expansion: in danger any country who dared to Express with Damascus and Moscow solidarity. For example, can be followed by slogans of “democratization” of Bolivia, which behaves in the UN security Council quite bold (this country, together with China, supported Russia’s desire to condemn the aggression against Syria, when Kazakhstan, one of the closest partners of Russia, refused to do). And, of course, anti-Chinese steps can also be taken by Washington, including for retaliation for this position in the UN security Council.

Unfortunately, the lack of condemnation of aggression by the UN security Council that impunity for violations of international law and the UN Charter provided a framework for a new satanic attacks, not only against Syria. And the number of victims of these attacks may be much larger write off on the side of the victim in the “defence of democracy”.


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