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The Russians will be allowed to protect yourself and your home a fighting weapon

Россиянам разрешат защищать себя и свой дом боевым оружием

Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin proposes to amend the Federal law “About the weapon” the amendments enshrining the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to use live guns in self-defense.

Prepared the bill the Senator is going to submit to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is expected that the state Duma will consider the bill in early 2018. In the Federation Council say that now it is necessary to prepare the public “an adequate perception of this initiative”.

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Now according to the current law “On weapons” that civilians have no right to keep combat pistols. The authors of the amendments to the law believe that if the population is legal to own military weapons, the number of crimes will decrease dramatically, because the criminals are afraid to attack armed men.

Initiators note that today those who have to protect themselves, their families and their home, often find themselves behind bars. It is therefore proposed to validate the doctrine of self-defense “my house — My fortress”. Under this doctrine the owner of the house, an intruder killed him a thief, is injured and does not bear any responsibility for it.

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However, many experts mention that the introduction of combat pistols is a very lucrative new sector of the economy, the volume of which over 10 years could rise to about 746 billion rubles.

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