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The Russians took 5 gold medals at the world Cup in rhythmic gymnastics

The world championship on rhythmic gymnastics held in Italian Pesaro.

World championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Italian Pesaro is held under the Russian flag. Sister Averina in the individual all-around took gold and silver. And only after the victory of the girls admitted to reporters: they are playing with unhealed injuries.

At home the walls help, and if abroad – and the names of the streets can inspire. “Atlantic arena” in Pesaro, where were present – a triumph for Russia – the world championship is on the street Yuri Gagarin. With this “space” they are doomed to success! – joke of the fans.

We are always first! Gagarin was the first, and we’ll be the first!“, says the cheerleader.

This tournament has been dubbed “aserinsky gold rush.” It has become a tradition that Dina and Arina for medals to go along, do not leave the pedestal, and the only places it change. So this time they have around their neck practically all the gold and silver: for personal appearances and the all-around, in which Dean was the first, second and Arina!

It’s so hard to earn those medals, and the blood, sweat, tears! We are grateful to just anyone!” – told Dina Averina.
You left a pedestal – you’re no one to call you, you start!” explains Arina Averina.

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In addition to the medals of participants of the championship were waiting for a prize from Alina Kabaeva – a unique statuette of gold and malachite, representing the figure of a gymnast performing “element Kabaeva”, which is either before her or after she has retired from the sport, so no one repeated. This prize and the prize went to the Italian Milena Baldasari for the artistry.

I’m really glad that Alina Kabaeva chose me. When she was a gymnast, I loved it, I love it. And look at that as a great example!” says Milena Baldasari.

The current Russia’s victory in the championship in Pesaro and the fact that he won their “debutante of the championship”. After the Olympics in Rio just two leading gymnasts Margarita Mamun and Yana Kudryavtseva – left big-time sports. Despite this, Irina Viner-Usmanova was a new generation of athletes of the highest standard. Sister Averina, though acted each for himself, but worked on the overall result.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I went to Arina after Dina not very well made belt, and said Dina was bad. But I gently say, in General, was different! And she looked at me with huge black eyes, came out and made perfect!” – says the President of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics Federation Irina Vinner-Usmanova.

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And one more feature. This world Cup was first held under the new rules.

For example, now the judges evaluate the performances on the system “and judge”. Gymnasts no longer need to submit in advance to the judges cards with the prescribed elements of the program. Experts claim that it complicated the work of the arbitrators, but for most gymnasts it is a good idea. There were opportunities for improvisation and correction of errors.

Changes right, said Alina Kabaeva. But, according to Olympic champion, complex elements are still undervalued.
To work with the subject – it’s all beautiful. But those elements that are actually difficult, not evaluated – gymnast compelled them not to do! For example, the item which I did, “flexibility” is one-tenth! But it is a very difficult element!” – says the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva.

The world Cup in Pesaro continues. On stage performances of gymnasts in group exercises. Tonight will be clear how many medals will replenish the Golden Treasury of the Russian team.

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