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The Russians owed to creditors of 15.5 billion rubles

Россияне задолжали кредиторам 15,5 миллиардов рублей

15.5 billion rubles should the Russians creditors. The total amount of the obligations of citizens of the Russian Federation, each of which owed banks more than 3 million rubles, is more than half of the total amount of bad loans — 50,63 %, or 6.99 billion. Such data leads the national centre of bankruptcies.

In addition, the organization calculated that the value of bad debt of a potentially insolvent citizen is on average 1.27 million rubles. Note, people with bad debts can legally declare themselves bankrupt. So, on December 1, 2016, the number of applications filed by the debtors, has exceeded 35 thousand. However, only 21.3 thousand Russians were taken to court for bankruptcy, and the bankrupt admitted only about 1.5 thousand people, reported IA “SeverInform” with reference to “Izvestia”. According to experts, the fact that the debt of the bankrupt may be either completely written off or restructured, and that losses for credit institutions. Add to apply for bankruptcy can any borrower with the amount of debt over 500 thousand rubles.

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