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The Russian economy will shorten the life of the dollar

However like America is the collapse of the Russian economy repeat of 1998 default they can not see. The fate of the ruble predetermined positive outcome!

So says the international rating Agency Fitch, who said that Russia’s credit rating is “BBB-“, which in itself is not bad, however, there is a positive Outlook according to which there is room to grow.

The last package of sanctions, the Russian economy has gone through without any special effort due to the flexibility of the exchange rate and sustainable fiscal strategy. This policy of the Russian Federation provided a surplus in 2018.

Should we be afraid of sanctions following the attack by the US?

In 2019, expects a reduction of GDP by 0.3 %, but this is not caused by sanctions. The reason for this is the effect of increasing VAT on domestic consumption, smooth timely execution of budget expenditures in priority areas. This approach to 2020 to allow to raise the size of gross domestic product to 2%.

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Due to what are these figures? Due to minimize any ties with the dollar. Russia plans to increase its own sovereign Fund that will help to keep the amount in the domestic market. This will give the opportunity to reduce the need for U.S. bonds.

In addition, many of the country after the senseless flashes USA, which brought losses to all, except Russia, are ready to move to settlements in national currency. In particular, it is configured and political partner of America.

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In order to understand what the life of the dollar may significantly decrease, not necessarily get involved deeply in economic secrets. If earlier the dollar was in control of most of the world economy, but now, after the loss of the Russian market of securities decrease in investments in U.S. bonds and total transition to payments in local currency was lost and the power of the monetary unit of the United States.

We can only guess at which of the package of sanctions the us dollar will fall into economic coma.

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