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The rules of the military balance

Any social system always affect each other, one way or another. Each system has its own legal and military instruments of influence. Such principles influences that exist in human societies since human Primate. Tools such as the human brain and physical weapons, give all thinking organisms and communities, only two basic principles of life. This is an opportunity to coexist, and the ability to fight.

In all primates, always available brain. Which means they have some manner of their coexistence,and their culture and behavior. In modern language, it can be called legal principles of coexistence of primates, which provide a logical and balanced the balance of influences on each other.

Every Primate, receives from birth, and gradually learns in life what he can do against any other Primate. And he always knows what he should not do. And this is the code of conduct in the relationship and impacts, or domestic law in the communities. And of course, communities of primates, always had and have a certain code of conduct not only between individuals but also between their communities. And these rules are enforced. If the organism, or living system, have the tools, effects, then sure, they have codes or codes use these its instruments.

The legal coexistence of organisms is codes and codes of the tool of the brain. And this law of coexistence, as if it is sacred in nature. But it is effective only to a certain point, beyond which, the right of coexistence does not disappear, but it no longer has power. Because, come into effect more powerful, and more ancient instruments and codes. This is such a barrier, behind which every rational creature, turns into a vicious and warlike creature.

In addition to the brain, the primacy always endowed with strong teeth, and limbs. And it has other tools of influence than legal coexistence. These are the tools of war. And if the organisms and communities there are tools of war, then they are conscious or unconscious codes of military conduct. And they got these codes. They work great automatically for billions of years:

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– As soon as the enemy or the subject itself loses the power tool of war and its favorable position, balance, or suddenly, immediately disturbed the overall balance of the balance of the system, immediately instinct directed either to the restoration of equilibrium and balance, or triggered an immediate and unexpected use of his personal weapon aimed at survival itself.

All this automatically works in all communities, and not just in primates, but in humans. It works, regardless of the semantic reasoning, and logical combinations which the brain develops. It works as a pre-programmed action, like an accidental shot, where it all starts, with the sudden feeling of all military systems losing their balance. And all of this happens in parallel. It is not connected with logic. Logic dictates only one thing: how to live. Logic is the rules, law, and codes of co-existence. But the instinct of war, the body dictates something quite different: how to fight. And then, comes the rules and codes of war. Between these two manners of behavior, is always a delicate balance balance the military coexistence systems.

If suddenly, one of the global military system is deprived of only one of the many points of support, then the balance of the whole system is under threat. And is endangered, all other military systems. And if the balance of the system, do not attempt to recover all the participants of military confrontation, then it is war.

If suddenly, one of the global military systems, is only beginning to receive signals associated with the possible loss or restriction of zones of influence in the world, immediately and at any cost, will try to restore the balance of equilibrium. And for her, it doesn’t matter who will get hurt. If there is no balance, then it’s war.

For global war, do not need much, only to strike a match. And if global political players proclaim their political priorities, their own military superiority in the military opposition systems, without military balancing systems in their confrontation, this is war. Because a global war is just a chess Board where the players and all spectators are constantly looking for the draw option. Otherwise, a significant advantage in the position of any player, this is not a war and its outcome. It’s already oblivion for everyone and not only the participants in the global system.

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In this case, a legal balance of peaceful coexistence, global military systems, can be arbitrarily strong fundamental. The system can be so tightly connected business and administrative codes of conduct, friendly and family ties, economic interests, and resource consumption. But the slightest violation of the military balance, instinctively excites the military codes and codes. It easily defeats all reasonable and logical in the world. This state of Affairs, the world already passed many times. As soon as one of the finest political systems, suddenly proclaims the change of his political orientation, then one or more global systems immediately begin to tighten and feel its fragility. And there is a reason for the imbalance. Is only some island to declare independence, or the elimination of the conventional military marine base, no democracy, this nation will not help. To send at least a fleet of a democratic state, and a few volleys will help you to determine the faltering military balance. And if suddenly, the global players are not concerned in restoring balance, then it is a global war. What’s better? Any victory is only devastation and the beginning of the next war. This is the future of humanity if people will not think about the military balance between the opposing military systems, and will think about the victories. Then it’s a complete dead end, and imbalance.

The balance of military systems, is the most important political action that is subject to political open public regulation, yet these systems are peaceful. Everything that is done in the political sphere to achieve global military balance military systems, it is the work of politicians. The gradual weakening of the military system, striking a balance is the only thing the world can dream of. All other political activity, it is only a global catastrophe.

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