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The resort fee will be administered for the filthy beaches of the Black sea

Курортный сбор введут за загаженные пляжи Черного моря

The idea of the introduction next year in the four (so far) regions of Russia so-called “resort fee” with a fair amount of resentment already discussed, perhaps, every Russian. But as it became clear that in this matter, as in the case of “Plato”, the authorities enable the “reverse” not going, not bad to understand what exactly will be spent 30-50 (and 2019 — 100) rubles, which will be charged to each adult of the working citizen for every full day of stay in the Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and in the Crimea.

The official version says that every penny will go to local budgets and will be used “in order to preserve the reconstruction and development of resorts of formation of uniform tourist space and the creation of favourable conditions for sustainable development of tourism”.

Perhaps in the case of Mountain Altai, where the author personally visited in June of this year, and will be. There is, indeed, full of beautiful and still not killed the civilization of the places, and almost every blade of grass is on a strict accounting. And, surprisingly, the quality of roads to the same Mountain Altai can give odds not only with the rest of Russia, but many parts of the European Union. All this, however, should fully preserve, and most importantly — it’s not too late to develop, creating those “favorable conditions” for tourism.

Quite another thing is the black sea coast of Caucasus, where the abundance of holiday resorts, recreation bases and sanatoriums in literally no room to swing fall. Like, too the mountains. But how very different they are from the Altai! About any saving here and there can not be, then it is only necessary to restore, recover and more time to recover.

The examples are not far to seek, the author of the material a couple of weeks ago just returned the suburban land of the resort village of Novomikhailovsky (the one whose territory is close to the all-Russian children’s center “Eaglet”), simultaneously visiting the same nearby settlements — Dzhubga, Nebug, Lermontovo. So, the tourist infrastructure in these places, despite their popularity among the Russians (especially those from the Northern regions of the country), there is no hell.

Take public restrooms-showers. They are very few, and those that have to go very dangerous to the health, both physical and mental (for ethical reasons photos of their horrendous unhygienic condition can not publish, but believe in the word). No, of course, those toilets that are in many seaside cafes, in relative purity somehow is contained. However, not puzzling over Samename, owners of entertainment establishments often derive a sewer pipe directly to the beach!

All novomikhaylovskiy adjacent to the coastal mountain slopes, which you can without any risk to climb in flip-flops, by tourists (typically, the “savages” from Krasnodar, Rostov-na-Donu and Yessentuki living two steps away from the surf camp) every summer weekend turn into one big latrine. And if not for the periodical rains, the aroma above the beaches would have stood indescribable. However, it is difficult to say which is better — the presence of rain, washing away the filth from the mountains, or their absence, in fact all the drains, of course, flock to the sea, what wonder rather frequent outbreaks of intestinal infections here, in principle, not necessary.

Of course, most of the “newcomers” settled in numerous sanatoriums, recreation centers and private hotels. However, the conditions here are little better than “street”.

Outside is a beautiful newly built housing of similar institutions from within, as a rule, are of plasterboard design with almost zero soundproofing, so if you’re in room “Suite” with air conditioning, a fridge and a TV, you should be prepared for the fact that the whole night will have to hear all the sounds of neighbors through the floors (from the banal snoring to ecstatic cries when drinking local Chachi) as if they were doing it literally in two steps.

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By the way, the availability of air conditioning is not a guarantee of clean air in the rooms. First, because of the lack of proper inlets and exhaust ducts in bathrooms flaunts indestructible Terry mold. And, secondly, will have to put up with cigarette smoke as the sensors mandatory fire alarm on the ceiling in the vast majority of cases are closed homemade caps carved out of multi-colored (apparently for beauty) plastic bottles. In a private conversation, explained to the author, the representatives of the staff, this is done for the convenience of tourists: suppose, say, feel at home and smoke in their rooms.

In the same building that was built during the Soviet era, conditions are not better and sometimes even worse.

“But the maintenance of recreation facilities costing owners dearly, it is no wonder that they do not have enough money to improve conditions,” may be reasonable to argue the author some readers. However, it’s not so simple as it seems.

The base in Novomykhailivka, where the rest of the author, of course, contributes to the local budget fee for use of centralized utility services: water, electricity, Sewerage. And it does so in full compliance with the Russian legislation, strictly according to meter readings. However, argue (again, in private conversation) who know all the “ins and outs” of its employees, these counters are connected as expected, not all of the body. Resources in remaining serves a “quasi-legally”, in other words — to bypass these nodes.

On the same principle, I assure the local residents, works with the vast majority of resort bases, hotels and private hotels on the coast. Especially often “guerrilla” inserts are used in the field of power supply. Otherwise, say local life here will be very taxing because the gas, for example, in the same Novomykhailivka absent in principle. No, the gas pipe wiring, of course, soothing yellow along the main street, but it turns out to be only a decoration. “We tried to find out — says a resident of one of the districts of the village of Arcen, — when will this finally give us gas. So it became clear that the documents novomikhaylovskiy, it turns out, is gasified for a long time already! Only now the gas was not, and is not, and will we see it at all — the big question”.

If you imagine that at least 2 buildings in each of the resorts of the coast are supplied with unaccounted resources, then simple math can give a rough idea about the size of “gray” income of their owners (or the shortfall of local budget revenues, as you wish), taking into account that the floors in such buildings has at least 3 rooms on each — at least 8, the cost of each is at least 1500 rubles per day per person, and they are busy every day from early may to late September.

Or, for example, take the same located in the mountains of recreation, where campers carry on day trips. In fact this is the case — giving the beach an attractive girl their money, the visitor receives a kind of receipt, where hand-written: with a conditional citizen Ivanov taken 1600 rubles. Neither print nor otherwise clarifying slogans like purpose of payment and its recipient, no. Further citizen put on a “GAZ-66” and the bed of a mountain river, brought to a place where it is fed and watered wine (in fact, render services of public catering), and then offered for sale to the local (supposedly) honey and “chacha” (that is, engaged in retail sale of food and sale of alcohol products). Where exactly and how it was harvested this honey and good quality ethyl alcohol was diluted, the organizers of this action flavours, to encourage the vacationer to buy “peach chacha” (this phrase makes the local old-timers sarcastic smile), is unknown. Of course, not that cash, even the purchase receipt or a regular receipt to the buyer of such dubious quality of the product never claims to be. What is the profit from this are the owners of such “bases” (even less fuel for decommissioned military vehicles), is anyone’s guess, given that they work three times a week, for each check, the number of visitors passes for 150 people, and pollitrovaya alcohol-containing liquid with a rich palette of aromas anything, but not grapes, this season was worth 300 roubles.

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It is obvious that if desired the local authorities on the black sea coast makes it easy to find the necessary funds for “modernization and improving the infrastructure” is only to make all the coastal camp site to connect brand all buildings to utility systems legally, and “mining” to establish a civilized sale of products with the introduction of cash registers and health certificates.

Why this is not done — a topic for a separate discussion. Of course, it can be assumed that local officials, as they say, neither sleep nor spirit did not know that, for example, the same between Dzhubga and Novomihaylovskiy operates more than a dozen mountain “oasis of Commerce and recreation,” and the owners of resorts quietly steal electricity. But then the question arises — what is this power that can control the territory entrusted to her? Because the proceeds from the normalization of trading activities and payment of utilities, perhaps, at times cover the amount that we planned to take from the pockets of tourists next year. Perhaps the truth should be sought, taking into account the confidence of the local old-timers that the expected revenues from the introduction of the “resort fee” will not go to really any kind of claimed “improvement and development”, and quietly settle in the right pockets.

Although in some cases to make the resort area are beautiful and without any extra costs. For example, just forcing the utilities to work carefully and conscientiously. “Every week we in the private sector comes the garbage truck, — says a resident of Novomikhailovsky “Islands” Elena. But his mission is different each time. He is in the 10 am arrive, then 8, and then all 6. And if you don’t have time to throw in the yard of his bag, all wait for the next visit, and until that time seven days, your waste will you have in the yard go out. So we often, the village “smells” so that Mama do not cry. If you were to store the packages on the street in front of the gate, it would be much easier. But the trouble is that any package left outside the yard, in a few minutes torn to pieces by wild dogs or down the mountain dragons”.

And okay, Elena is developing the idea, if the garbage truck came to empty. But often the utility gets to the “Island” in the last turn, already clogged to the eyeballs. Of course, while take out all the garbage from the village, a good half will Wake up and spill on the road. Well, then if all is closest rain into the river (Nicasio — ed.) washes away and carries straight to the sea, but it happens that in the summer heat for weeks is 30 degrees.

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