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The rats are jumping ship

My response to the blogger nebabushka portal

The country is run by Putin’s friends.The ones about whom Brzezinski once said: “You have examined: it is your elite or already there.” The fact that their money, this elite prefer to keep in American banks.And if three years ago this sum was estimated at $ 500 billion, now it has exceeded a trillion. In late January the state Department (USA) will provide the world community information about the origin of the money.And then, “on the Patriarchal ponds” will be a very interesting story.

Without waiting for this “moment of truth” many of the oligarchs have fled the sinking ship. Malta. Whether still will be! And if without irony, the result of Putin’s rule can be easily imagined graphically, if we draw a straight line from the upper left corner of the monitor in wprawy bottom corner. It will chart the success of the country over the last thirty years, of which seventeen -Putin. After two or three years the country will collapse. Putin, go away!

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What would you suggest to the coach of the football team, which for 17 years has not won a single match? Coach to fire the team to disperse. The only right decision in this case.

By the way, if we continue our thought experiment of the monitor screen and try to create a graph of success over the last thirty years for China, we should draw a line from the lower left corner of the screen to the upper right. This is a permanent rise.In China embezzlers don’t like and they especially don’t terminada. To give the wall, not the liberal.

There is fundamental work : “Theory and phenomenology of the success of a complex social system”. Author: doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, doctor of political Sciences, Professor S. S. Sulakshin. If you type in the search: “slain”, to visit this page and click the “Library”, then reveals a list of fundamental works on problems of state-building (over a hundred monographs) – a complete encyclopedia. Among these works project a new “Constitution”, the programme of revival of the country – the book “Problem agenda of modern Russia,” in which priorities in 72 directions of transformation of the country and others. These works were created for the Government and the presidential Administration.

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But the current government does not seek to revive the country and the Government, the growth rate 7-9 times lower than in other countries.Russia are a complete collapse.

Elections need to spoil the ballot by putting all boxes tick. Write: “Putin, go away!”. Take a picture of the newsletter on a mobile phone and a photo send to the address: When these photos are published, it will become clear Putin supports people, his friends, and “Putin’s way” or not.

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