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The queue for free burgers personally from Timothy paralyzed New Arbat

On 26 September on the New Arbat, the official opening of the restaurant rapper Timati Black Star Burger. At the door of the establishment gathered hundreds of people, and almost started a stampede. The fact that in anticipation of the opening of his Burger Timothy promised that the first day of the restaurant will feed everyone for free.


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Video posted by S E R G K R A V C H E N K O (@serrigas) Sep 26 2016 12:20 PDT

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After the interview and photo session musician he stood up to the plate and personally cooked burgers for the visitors.

Every hour the number of people wishing to enjoy a Burger from the rapper became bigger, and some even were on duty at the doors of the institution day. Because of the influx of visitors at the restaurant started to work with the police.

Video posted by Black Star (@timatiofficial) Sep 26 2016 at 8:51 am PDT

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In his Instagram Timati said that he was flattered by this attention to the Burger. “Thank you to everyone who came!!! About 5 tonnes of people, it’s more than concerts from many artists. To feed all failed unfortunately, after a couple of hours and hustled ((But my town is now aware that the rich, POWERFUL burgers in @blackstarburger!!! Ratio: Price — Quality absolutely, do not believe? Go to#BlackStarBurger and see for yourself!!!” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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