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The Prosecutor stated on the import into France of money Kerimov “”suitcases”

Прокурор заявил о ввозе во Францию денег Керимова «"чемоданами"

According to the Prosecutor of nice, part of the money of the Russian Senator was imported suitcases at €20 million each, the other part was transferred to accounts. The funds were imported into the country for laundering, said the prosecution

The Prosecutor of nice, Jean-Michel Prêtre Monday, December 4, made a number of statements concerning the case of Russian Senator Suleiman Kerimov, who was suspected of tax evasion with the purchase of villas on the Cote d’azur, reports Nice Matin.

The Prosecutor is seeking the detention of the Russian Senator, argues that in the Department of Alpes-Maritimes were brought “suitcases of money” Kerimov. Each of them was up to €20 million.

The edition “20 minutes” also with reference to the statement of the Prosecutor of nice adds that the total amount of the imported money Kerimov to France ranged from €500 million to €750 million, According to prosecutors, all amounts were transported across the border illegally with the purpose of laundering through the purchase of villas, decorated in the formal owners. While the declared value was far below their real price.

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For example, according to the prosecution, one of the villas, as announced, was acquired for €37 million, while its former owners put it up for sale for €150 million In total, according to the Prosecutor’s office, the cost of the Villa has added tens of millions of euros in cash and up to €5 million of fees.

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Kerimov, was detained at the airport of nice, 20 Nov. He is charged with evasion from payment of taxes by tax fraud through acquired villas on the Cote d’azur. Previously, the TV channel France 3 reported that the Senator is accused of underpayment of €400 million in taxes by understating the value of the property. Representatives of the Senator deny the presence of his property in France.

Earlier, the court did not arrest Kerimov, restricting house arrest. The Deposit amounted to €5 million on December 5, the court must examine the appeal of the Prosecutor’s office for the selected measure. The Prosecutor’s office insisted that the Senator be remanded to custody.

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