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The President of the Philippines: for shooting drug dealers, I will be accountable to the people, not the international community

Президент Филиппин: за отстрел наркоторговцев, я буду отчитываться перед народом, а не перед международной общественностью

 Президент Филиппин: за отстрел наркоторговцев, я буду отчитываться перед народом, а не перед международной общественностью

From the distant Philippines flew a bright statement of the President Rodrigo Duterte: “There’s a jungle, where beasts hunt the innocent and helpless.” And mercy to animals will not, he continued.

“There” is where there is the fight against drug trafficking, which (among other things) splitting Duterte not that with all the Western world, but just to liberal human rights part.

And now he will be responsible for your shooting suspected drug dealers only to its own people, but not before some “international community.”

And the people, judging by his current mood, and in 50 years will scare the neighbors with the words “Duterte at you is not present”.

Logs and chips

If you read the posts about the Philippines only in the “international media”, you just know that the police almost officially destroyed there without a trial of 3,200 people during the war on drugs for more than a year after the arrival of Duarte to power. And it’s a shock and horror. But it’s always interesting to see what they think themselves Filipinos.

Президент Филиппин: за отстрел наркоторговцев, я буду отчитываться перед народом, а не перед международной общественностьюThe arrest of the suspects in the drug trade in the Philippines

First, public approval of the activities of Duterte saved: 84% “approve” his work for a year in office, 78% are “satisfied” with our work — no matter how put the question and as no change of the sociological service, you get the picture.

While it is clear that the reasons for approval and satisfaction, not in the economy. The country remains poor. Conceived Duterte in this area, as it always happens with the economy, will give effect toward the end of his six-year term. The overall economy was doing well during his Pro-Western predecessors, except for the fact that their success is “overall” and “average” has caused nationwide rage of the poor against the rich, the provinces against the capital.

The President has managed to spend only a few purely demonstrative hasty action — something that suggested (only suggested) to exempt from taxes those who receive less than 5000 us dollars a year.

A real “determinate” on the horizon, we are talking about “build, build and build” the bridges, Railways and other roads, and it’s all in Chinese and Japanese investments. It is believed that this program will create up to two million jobs a year.

In General, it is impossible not to admit that the President approve it, and especially for his war against drug trafficking and secondly, for the ability to curse any who disagreed with him, world leaders or ruthless personnel decisions within the framework of “fight against corruption”.

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We with our historical experience we know in advance that this war will be. Now picture sentiments are quite mixed. On the one hand, there is no doubt that for the most part shoot “while trying to escape”.

But the chips are flying: here’s a long report on this subject. From this it follows that the struggle is at the grassroots level — at the level of barangays (it’s called in Uzbekistan “mahalla”, in Russia — this quarter or neighborhood).

There are all know anything about all. Not only police, but also armed groups of citizens make long-awaited catch drug dealers or drug addicts (many of them simultaneously and sell). Before their landing was in need of procedure and evidence. Now it is enough that “all the neighbors know.” And no prisons, it can be easier.

But one such character was shot, and his family says he is not traded, but stole a girl from someone in the police. And everyone knows it too. In a normal situation, the facts (about the girl and the lack of bags with the “product”) I had more to prove, and then the person would still be alive. Many of these cases. In General, the question is, what will be at some point more “logs” or “chips”, and then change the mood.

Президент Филиппин: за отстрел наркоторговцев, я буду отчитываться перед народом, а не перед международной общественностьюSoldiers of the armed forces of the Philippines during a RAID against drugs.

Witch is bad

Let’s see what we have before us the phenomenon, but at least in comparison with similar situations in the Soviet Union under Stalin. Which, incidentally, was also popularly popular.

You say that drug dealers are the characters beyond good and evil, is able to exterminate millions of people. What about enemies of the people — the whites, the Trotskyists and other that do not allow the country to move toward goals about which they sincerely dreamed of the millions who gave so many lives in the Civil war? The country was just beginning to thrive, and now former captain takes as many as two rooms in a communal apartment, you have the wall…

What about witches and other Satanists — they have something that good? Don’t say you love witches. European civilization barely survived two disastrous century (war and plague), the influence of the Church as the foundations of society collapsed, and here, in our wonderful era of the XV–XVI centuries, anyone trying to fly on a broomstick and call of the devil (another thing, whether it comes). And such people are not beyond if good and evil?

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I mean, how Stalin and other mass repressions and other struggle against absolute evil should not be attributed to the misdeeds of a group of people “upstairs”, Nagasawa its will around the huge people. Repression occurs when they have a mass support, if not more — when the nation requires the government to finally go into the jungle and deal with the beast, which preys on the innocent and helpless.

Remember than in Western civilization ended the era of fires and other witch hunts. The age of Enlightenment, when the answer to all the questions given the special role of teachers and mentors, enlightened people who know history and can gradually explain to the public that this has happened — the violence without the right procedure and ended badly. Well, with the age of Enlightenment ended the hurried revolutionaries, do not want to tolerate the people’s suffering and solve all the issues here and now.

There is a suspicion that historical lessons are useless — or they are temporarily made those sorts of fighters for the people’s business. Moreover, they are useless if they hope to turn the whole world into the West and impose historical experience, which not everyone had. Moreover, not only each country, and, perhaps, every generation has to have the experience — if only to put each inhabitant of the Earth into the throat of the enlightenment and humanism by force, and to neutralize dissent.

We live in an era full reboot of the truths and values on a global scale. But many of them, rebooting, back into place. As for Duterte, that people disagree, as we do, that Western democracy and other values are turned into a geopolitical cudgel against certain countries, societies and regimes.

So vivid expression Duterte to the West is the well, and also his sympathy to China or Russia as a possible alternative. But this does not mean that we agree with him in everything and that universal Filipino fascination with shooting animals in the jungle should we call the slightest approval.


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