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The post-nuclear world of Alice Selezneva

So, let us again recall the moment of Parting. Alice tells classmates Frank tale and does not hide it. Why?

Perhaps now we can answer this question – we were a quarter of the way. It was a merciful lie.

Imagine yourself in 1912 – sunset year of the nineteenth century (historical, not mathematical). Calm, comfortable world. could you inform these people that a half century of their not waiting for ANYTHING good, only war, blood and death? They judge our world on you – such a smart, intelligent, Wysocki – which they only heard from you… And maybe they, in turn, will marvel at your inner freedom… without thinking how and at what price you came to her. So you gonna tell them?

We were a quarter of the way – and we’re in the mud, and the exit is not visible – could Alice tell them about it? Cost for example to tell you about the explosions in Moscow? and it’s just episodes, maybe the textbook is not included.

Whether it was necessary to tell Kolya Gerasimov – that he’ll never see the Future because it will die in the 90s – and so what about it and even write do not want.

And this is only the beginning.

Let us try to understand how our world became the world of Alice.

I would argue that the world of Alice – a world after the Third World War.

Remember to start very Alice.

Far stepped forward medicine! Scary. Because usually medicine is striding leaps and bounds during the war.

And amazing physical abilities of the guests from the future – in running, jumping (including Windows), and speed of thinking… And even the purpose – form, etc. – the husk is the main – goal… if it was all designed originally as a training program special forces? But 11 years! It says a lot about the endgame of the war. Think about when special forces takes eleven-year-old girls? When to take more certain. A population decline actually turned out to noble!

Well developed and weapons in peace time is hardly possible. Blaster…

(Incidentally, somewhere on I came across an interesting discussion – which clearly proves that the Blaster is still a gun airless space.). And protective field Polina – holding category. And the paralyzing radiation.

Flip – antigravity propulsion – that he is now Flip – the Flier Passenger. And when something Flib- Flyer Battle. By the way, if we consider the cockpit from this point of view – wide visibility, open doors, like in the movies about Vietnam, a tall podgolovnymi to protect the neck in case of overload.

But the most interesting exhibit was, undoubtedly, the robot Werther. The rationalist society – and the robot, the old wreck with the gait of a paralytic – holding 4? 5? (I don’t remember exactly) hits space Blaster – remember the stone columns scattered at first such a hit. Robot cleaner – ready to sacrifice himself to save a human life…

No, society was rationalistic because he found a good use even in a Museum exhibit – a decommissioned combat cyborg two-thousand…

Before you is a sibling of the Terminator (the robot enters into a fight with a creature/creatures that change form in order to save the boy from the XX century – is the plot of a movie?).

By the way, looks interesting – any associations? So to say the “blond beast” – the old, shabby time and enemies the image of Superman. And that paralytic… So what would you do, attaching yesterday’s cyborg killer in the Museum? First poke would blocks: software – doing no harm to humans (note that there are no injuries to the pirates Werther is not harmful, although it might). And physical units: speed limiters the movement limiters chelovechnosti…

And still – try to imagine the world of the future. It looks like the war ended just recently.

Remember, only the paranoid suspicion of students at the spaceport.

The same Pauline. Strange, I would say, member of the Institute of time… on the one hand, one of the observers, on the other – it (please note – without any safety net – in the face of dolbak SWAT) is sent to catch the pirates.

To say that the Pro-scout from her anyhow some because it is unlikely police Fima is not found would be only a blind.

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(By the way, is a very curious argument of Werther, where he was calculating whether to rent Kohl. Conclusion – do not pass “and destroy her” – seems so? ).

Objection – Polina – a specialist in XX century. Possible. But – please note – with the pirates she arrived in the clothes of the XXI century – is not disguised. That is – knowing that no one track down won’t have to. And so expert was not required. The conclusion is clear. Rationalist society sends against two heavily armed thugs – simple scientist. It’s like, to send to free Budenovskoy hospital – suppose a urologist thereof, the same hospital on the basis that the enemy has locked himself in his office.

Or liberation of a battleship “Missouri” simple Coca Coca… If not name is Ryback, and he was not before – well, what there was Steven Seagal is the commando.

Individualistic society… Not easy! The war forced everyone to be “tactical unit by itself” – like a Fighting Cat. Full autonomy of each. Full responsibility for their actions.

And not only Pauline.

Remember, in the spaceport. The old seemingly senile grandfather Paul. Yes, even after a strong telepathic shock. The speed at which it is mobilized after the key phrase “They have turned to you”: “It’s pirates. They asked about Seleznev – have Selezneva mielofon – mielofon Alice”. Analysis – the team: to follow in KOSMOZOO, save the mielofon.

Note: don’t run to the cops or security, but to save himself. I mean, giving the command, man Paul believes that almost unknown to him, nick is able to do it. Incidentally, the pirates feel the same way. Remember in the last series – reaction Rat when their building is the sixth to be class. Not special forces, not “alpha” – a dozen children. And two hardened armed pirate.

And have Rat – no doubt: “Merry”. He knows very well what they are capable of the earthly children of his time.

By the way, please note: in the final scene in the basement of the cornered pirates firing from the Blaster of the columns but do not affect any sixth-grader. Although without hesitation open fire on Polina.

A small feature of such militarized societies, is a very nervous attitude to attacks on civilians. Especially on children. Simply put, an operative – it is of course time. But the harm caused to the child will not forgive. From under the ground would get. Perhaps smooth with the principle of collective responsibility.

Incidentally, there are at least two episodes, to support this statement. Fragment, not included in the main movie, caught only in “summary of the previous series” the last part. Rats in the guise of a teacher takes Alice by the throat. The tense but calm. And never be afraid. Knowing is not solved.

Further – KOSMOZOO. Hence Ivanovich with a unique a talking goat. Hence Ivanovich – the person seems to be fully plain clothes. Goat being generally quasiresonance. But realizing the situation, they first immediately transferred to the subordination of the stake – what is reasonable, this is Colin’s operation, he has orders from a superior and generally more competent in a situation.

Second, assume the highly dangerous role of the party cover – to divert and detain the enemy. Accept, not arguing and not speaking high words, as something very natural. Despite the fact that apparently, at least the Electron Ivanovic is well aware of who the pirates are and what can turn a clash with them – maybe even better than nick. Being naked, clearly understanding that if the case goes before the shooting – both doomed.

To make it clear: what will you do, suddenly being in the path of armed terrorists? Whether to sacrifice themselves, covering completely unfamiliar boy?

The transformation: only you – the expert-the biologist – and in the next moment – a simple soldier in a hopeless battle. Where you prepared the role of consumables and living targets. Just because they were in the wrong time in the wrong place, no better hand there and you have to play with what we have.

Third, note HOW absolutely civilian entity carries out its part of the operation. Masking branches with foliage, that, by the way – tech commando.

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Next – robot verter. And the same unreasoning willingness to sacrifice themselves for the success of someone else’s operation.

And the last Kohl’s. Remember, in class when the pirates had to get to Alice? Only you was the center of operations, the Keeper of the mielofon, others had your back – and now comes your turn to be expendable. And a few minutes you can give all the pleasure.

In the same topic: interesting evolution behavior of Alice in our time. The first time to speak and act it provides Yulia, believing that the more competent. She goes to eat, more scrutinizing and collecting information. The same thing that we saw in the Electron Ivanovich: the user is given the most ComputerName. And only in the last day, fully utilized, it begins to act. And acts… Remember how Alice is questioning the unfortunate Ishutin? Cold, hard and professional. In three splits at all.

Incidentally, the question that ought to set the stake in the Institute Time: “why exactly are we?”

Remember where to return the rest of the staff of the Institute? One saves the rarities of the library of Alexandria. Judging by the clothes, this refers to the defeat of the 391-year, when the Roman civilization was replaced by Christian. Second in clothes of the era of Louis XVI. Just a few years before the French revolution, the Jacobin terror and other things.

And – Pauline. We have. In the 1984th. Transformation begins in a year, in April 1985. What is she doing with us? What saves? FROM WHAT?

In General, if you are interested in historians of the future… its inhabitants it is necessary only to sympathize.

Pirates… That’s a separate song. At all times and on all tracks – pirates, bandits, etc. came to a path, when the weakened Central power. Often in times of war and after.

And by the way – remember the spaceport? Once he was struck – like a fairy tale. But looked one last time – a small, shabby, dusty, desolate… these Compartments and in the spaceport, and Institute time – and refers to a sealed bulkhead – shut-off space in case of contact… So it must be the spaceport Moscow – the capital of a superpower? And the findings suggest stranovedenie. And yet – green city – not whether the greens are of the same nature as the famous project “Green lawn” – on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant?

Do I believe it would be the person 1912, the Temple of Christ the Savior was razed to the ground, that the splendid palaces of Peterhof lay in ruins. He poked his nose would be us, here, are, you know! He would not see that the present Temple is just concrete reprint. So why would Moscow-2084 not to be such a reprint – after the atomic bombing 20 years… Hence the stars on the Kremlin towers, and ancient machines.

In short, this world is very difficult. And going all the way XXI century – it is difficult to strain and spend time on nonsense and conventions.

So here is the answer – what was in the eyes of Alice Selezneva… In the eyes that reflected the light of other galaxies. The memory of the atomic bombings, the terrible crimes and the amazing highs that we never dreamed of. For her, this world was not real. Remember: “Night… like we have…”. So surprise us color photographs of the early XX century – it turns out the world was not black and white.

Please note: Alice is not surprised and not outraged nor meanness, nor human folly. Surprised and outraged Julia Gribkova, living in this world. Alice calm, accept the situation and people as they are. She this time took place – he knows his price and that from this time ahead. From and looks condescending.

The condescending attitude… “He doesn’t remember neither ranks and not names.” And yet the shame was there.

      “Then, Lord, erase us from the face of the earth and re-create a more perfect… or better yet, leave us alone and let us go our separate ways.

   – My heart is full of pity, slow said Rumata. I can’t do it.”

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