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The Pentagon and the White house sent a “suspicious envelopes”

The envelopes, which presumably was the toxin ricin was meant Donald Trump and Minister of defense and chief of staff of the Navy. Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident.

“Suspicious envelopes”, which presumably was the toxin ricin was sent to the Pentagon and the White house. About the interception of mail reported on Tuesday, October 2, the US Secret service. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident.

The envelope, sent to the White house on Monday, meant the President of the United States Donald Trump. The Secret service stressed that the letter was not received in the White house and did not hit the building. Further details about the interception of the envelope were not disclosed.

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Also on Monday in the center where the sorting parcels sent to the Pentagon, was discovered at least two suspicious envelopes, said the representative office. Letters were sent to Secretary of defense James Mattis, and Navy chief of staff Admiral John Richardson. Presumably, the envelopes contained the toxin ricin. Suspicious mail is not deposited directly in the building Department. According to the representative of the Pentagon, in the moment of danger for the US Department of defense employees there. Other mail received Monday, is quarantined.

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The toxin ricin is an extremely dangerous substance, it’s deadly even in small doses – the victim dies within hours after inhaling poison.

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