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The Olympic games arena of the Cold war against Russia

Олимпийские игры – арена Холодной войны против России

5 December 2017, the international Olympic Committee announced its decision: the Russian team is allowed to participate in the Olympics in Pyeongchang, but our athletes are allowed to participate under a white flag to the Olympic Committee, but only those whom he will invite the IOC after the special Commission will define them as “clean”.

There is no doubt that officials from the IOC will be guided by motivations that have nothing to do with the struggle for bandopadhay sport: they will solve the problem of the defeat of the “athletes of Russia” in the team event, preferably a crushing defeat.

It can be addressed primarily in two ways: first, a decrease in the number of participants (as known, the smaller the team, the less medals in the team competition it can win); and secondly, the non-admission to the competition applicants for the gold. Our athletes will compete under a white flag, which is nothing more than a symbol of surrender; to be present at the ceremony of reviewing the achievements of the Sochi Olympics: will be held the ceremony of awarding those who took the second, third and probably fourth place, as the number (eleven) of the Russian athletes stripped of their awards won at the last winter Olympics; Russia will pay $ 15 million for “investigation” of the IOC and WADA, which are unable to provide any evidence of the guilt of the Russian athletes and the state.

The so-called “investigation” did not happen overnight, and it lasted quite a long time, accompanied by loud accusations against Russia. Professional sports we have supposedly built on doping is not just because of private decisions coaches and athletes, and because of well-designed state system of doping, out of which athletes impossible. The charges of the “international community” is extremely serious and relate to our higher officials are not only sports, but also the entire state. Thus for all this long period, the citizens of Russia absolutely did not hear that someone from high-ranking officials adequately responded to these charges. Adequately means not playing at the same table with MOK, whose “all marked cards” and all sharpened to make a pre-decision – to punish Russia. To convince officials Moka useless. It was necessary to respond adequately to the purposes of attack and asymmetrically: to start real work on the creation of a New Olympic movement, the Goodwill Games, the Olympics of the SCO, BRICS, Eurasian, etc. But the most noticeable would be the idea of “Olympic games of the non-Western civilization”! Our officials, if I understood the geopolitical background of the attack on Russia through sport, would find these and other ideas to stop this public flogging. But they are inveterate carriers of cultural values of Western civilization, foreign against the Russian in all spheres of life. That is why there was no response from the political leadership of the country. Seeing such Karachaevo Tolstoy’s “nonresistance to evil by violence”, officials of the IOC unbelted and spent his decision. It is unfair to the point: to punish only athletes who are caught using illegal drugs and not the country as a whole. But it is interesting to them, because the customer – the political elite of Western civilization – the wishes of the other. Need the humiliation of Russia.

And it’s not just in the upcoming presidential election. Although this only write our politicians and rightly so. The line of attack to undermine the credibility of the incumbent President of Russia is obvious. The Supreme power itself has created this “sport trap”: not doing properly the development of the economy, that is, the problem of “bread”, it has concentrated all forces on solving the problem of providing a “spectacle”. As you know, in the Roman Empire, this policy worked in the unity formula “bread and circuses” for the people. Repeat at the Olympics in South Korea, the majestic spectacle of the victory of the Russian team in Sochi would give some enthusiasm to the citizens-voters. But the deprivation of this scene originally in the form of prohibition to participate under its own flag, anthem, etc., will inevitably plunge Russian society into an atmosphere of gloom. It has already happened.

The public reaction would be somewhat different if Russian officials contended, would make loud statements, trying to implement some countermeasures such as those outlined above. But nothing like that. Citizens watch surrender without a fight, like the abdication of Nicholas II and the surrender by Gorbachev in Eastern Europe. This pessimism is even greater, increasing the sense of national inferiority. It can not affect the turnout for the presidential election in March 2018, increase the percentage of the protest vote, etc. the President’s entourage of campaign staff will start to put pressure on the officials of the “United Russia” in power, power structures, public organizations, to provide declared and already widely known the result of the election, “70% of 70%” (the turnout – 70 %, Putin – 70%). If until recently it was possible not to doubt the reality of achieving such a result by natural means, now if you still do nothing, you can be sure that this result is impossible. So, it is likely that it is simply “draw.” So there will be a “celebration” for Pro-Western liberals: that is to expose, pour a stream of money from the state Department on meetings, processions. The US Ambassador in Moscow already rubbing his hands. To Moscow did not come off – she’s already threatened world Cup. Will jerked, depriving the national team of Russia the right to participate in the championship or the championship of the world will move somewhere else. For Russia is unknown, which is worse: to serve all national teams at home, not having the opportunity to participate, or to lose it.

In this article, the author wants to draw attention to the fact that unproven the IOC ban on the participation of the Russian Olympic team in games in South Korea must become a turning point in the assessment of all thirty of the path traversed Russia from the mid 1980-ies. The main content of this historical period is the attempts of our country in the implementation of a desire to integrate into the political system of the West is due to the unilateral surrender of their own achievements, by building their domestic life on the borrowing practical achievements of Western civilization. We have entered into their institutions (IMF, WTO, OSCE, etc.), not realizing that their goal is to create conditions for the prosperity of the Anglo-Saxon (aka the German-Roman) cultural-historical types (civilizations) by artificially constraining the development of other people and receiving preferential access to their resources. As a result, Russia step by step loses its sovereignty in various fields: we have lost sovereignty in monetary policy, made the Central Bank independent of government, have pursued a policy of artificial monetary contraction, as by binding ruble emission to the dollar supply in the country and due to high interest rates, the result is unemployment, low purchasing power, poverty; we keep savings in us securities in us dollars, euros and pounds, at the risk of losing them in case of return of our country to the distinctive path of development; as a result of entering the WTO, we have opened the market to its conquest by Western companies, which work in conjunction with their governments, and our companies are left to themselves (this when they were put on the markets of the West, was surprised to find that those protected under domestic legislation not only countries but also individual subjects); we spent a frenzied privatization according to the recipes of Western advisers, the result was massive deindustrialization of the economy; in education we have abandoned the system and adopted the so-called Bologna; the juvenile justice system really gradually penetrates into our legislation destroying the traditional institution of the family, replacing it with the priority rights of the state over the child; the list goes on. It is possible to summarize the main conclusion regarding all spheres of national life. Western culture has infiltrated today in all spheres of life: political, socio-economic, art; even the religious sphere of life, so painstakingly restored, has been attacked by the Catholic West. There is a process to transplant people started Western civilization to Russian (Russian-Slavonic; Russian civilization with the Russian state-forming core). Russian civilization largely loses its cultural sovereignty!

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Our leaders, it’s time to study the book “Russia and Europe”, written by our Russian genius N.I. Danilevsky in 1869, in which he fully proved that this transplantation of foreign people started impossible, but if occurs, inevitably leads to tragedy in the history of experimental people and their destruction in the end. The tragedy of 1917 was solely for these reasons that, unfortunately, is not recognized by society. The same applies to the tragedy of 1991-1993. In both cases they are based on long periods of development of the country based on European borrowing: in the first case, in the form of import practical achievements of the West, starting with the revolutionary reforms of Peter I, and the second – in the form of borrowing of Marxist Communist theory. In this article there is no space to develop these thoughts, anyone can find articles on the Internet.

Let’s just say that until we learn to research and accumulate historical experience, we do not work. The story of the decision of the IOC, which is monitored by the whole country, needs all of us to open our eyes that Russia – not the West. Write “all” because, unfortunately, the schism, initiated by the cultural revolution of Peter, when the solidity of the Russian people has been undermined and formed two people: the upper class become the European, the lower were Russian – and the split has only worsened. It’s hard to even say what percentage of the nation believes that we are part of Western civilization. It’s safe to say that this percentage is not formed only by the upper classes, as in Romanov Russia, but captures a very significant part of the Russian people. Perhaps, only the part of the Russian civil political nation, which is ethnically Russian, understands that Russia is not part of Western civilization. According to the civil position of Kadyrov, it turns out that they are more Russian than the Russian people. All these people better than we realize that without the preservation of Russia they are waiting for a hard life, and the preservation of Russia can only be in one case – if the Russian people, as the state will return to its original path of development, that is, cease to consider themselves European.

Our survival depends on whether we are Russian or not. Russia is a country-civilization. We are able to ensure both its survival and prosperity, if we remove from their heads the thoughts not only about the fact that Russia is part of Western civilization, but also thoughts about whatever our familiarity. The West gives us today for this brilliant lesson in the form of a decision of the IOC: the laws written by the strong and the weak must obey them. These words of Napoleon are a Prime characteristic of people started Western civilization, began violent by nature, hostile and individualistic, which proves their whole history, including in relation to Russia. If Russia does not find a sufficient answer, it will be not only a tactical victory of the West, which will hurt in the election of the President of the Russian Federation. No, it would be a strategic victory in that string of victories that the West wins over us since the mid 1980-ies. This loss of Russia will strike at the innermost recesses of national character not only of the Russian people as the state, but of the whole civic nation. A nation once again convinced that the state does not protect its understanding of national honor and dignity, and gradually the process of critical attitude of citizens to the state will increase, as it has twice been in our history. There is a process to which the present government can not influence, how could Nicholas II, failed the Provisional government failed, the White Movement failed and the Communists in the 1980-ies, as a faithful statement Ryzhkov N. And. they completely lacked statesmanship. You can only add that this conclusion applies to the upper classes of tsarist Russia and the current. For the state of thinking you need a little at first glance: to understand that historically the state form of governance is rigidly connected to its constituent peoples and exists as long as it protects not only the rights of individuals to life, freedom, honour, dignity, property, and protects national understanding of these rights; when to protect the national honor, dignity, freedom and property, that is, the law itself, the desire and ability to live authentic lives! Everything that happens to us for the past 30 years – is a national disgrace, leading to degradation, first of all, the constituent people, Russian. Our historical experience tells us that if the government will not stop this process – the collapse is inevitable. We remember what the rise was caused in society by the accession of the Crimea, a popular uprising in the Donbass, hope to return “home” if not the whole country, then at least the new Russia. What we have in the result? What a tower of the Kremlin has done everything to eliminate the enthusiasm of the society, aimed at humanitarian aid to the Donbass. Claim this myself, as participant of such assistance: gradually, it became impossible for the address to ship across the border food, clothes and medicine to those in need, with whom a connection was made. State like frightened suddenly opened a direct action of civil society, seeing in it not lasting its base, and some sort of threat. As a result, in society – the frustration and pessimism. For the sake of justice, say, is only part of the society. The other, I hope, a small part – is so European that thinks Ukrainians distinctive people that have no connection with the Russian; and the third was turned into the ethnographic material as a result of centuries of cultural transplant experiment alien civilization that was essentially cosmopolitan. But baboutmost of the retains a desire to remain distinctive civilization. The best proof of this is the recent initiative “Immortal regiment”. It is an initiative of civil society without the participation of the state, during which we celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany, unites under itself the whole of mainland Europe. It is for the national honour and dignity of this part of society, which alone bears the brunt of their own state, as long as he considers it his, unprecedented in the history of the Olympic games the IOC decision deals a blow. If the causes and consequences of our economic, political and other failures, which were discussed above, are not so obvious to the whole of society, require special attention and even special knowledge, from the public humiliation of Russia in connection with the Olympics is not the case. The Russian government artificially took the application of citizens ‘ sense of patriotism vital area of advances in Economics in the secondary against them the field of professional sports. The West simply could not take advantage of this trap that we have arranged. Here you for Crimea, for Donbass, for the victory in Sochi, for Syria, for the fact that your rocket can fly from the Caspian sea to the Middle East, and even to get somewhere, because Your planes can not just fly, but trying to bombometateli, etc. as a result, virtually all citizens were waiting for decisions of the Supreme Power. Discouragement creeps in society as a result of propaganda in television point of view that, say, athletes should not suffer, they’re prepared. A few days before the decision Moka went live with Fetisov, which gathered athletes, coaches, artists. Discussed what to do if the IOC decides not to allow our national team to the winter Olympics. The prevailing view is athletes should not suffer, let go. No wonder: our professional athletes and coaches become carriers of Western culture, many trained in the West, do trendy hairstyles, to please the advertisers, etc. as a result, the player Arshavin could publicly insult the fans (on civil society in the face of Slepakova responded vividly the song “Little member of Russian national team”), team Russia hockey arrived in Sochi for a day or two or three to play and lost the Olympics. For what purpose the government spends our tax dollars to support professional sports, what are the results to society? To the development of mass sports movement in the USSR, this policy does not, that is not conducive to the health of the nation. But we see that it leads to isolation of these athletes from their homeland.

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There is something that has happened and is happening in science: our scientists work massively abroad. No, the participation of athletes in the upcoming Olympics in any argument cannot be a personal matter to athletes. The nation raised them not to be happy for their personal success, and to be happy for yourself, comparing your achievements in professional sports with the achievements of other countries, so that there were tears in his eyes when hoisting the Russian flag, sounding of the Russian anthem!!! And of course, thanks to specific athletes. Our officials should finally understand that the object which they govern – the people – is a living organism that lives by its educational laws, the violation of which never go in vain in the long run. To manage people-the body is necessary as a gardener manages a garden, ignoring the laws of tree growth. The problem of Russia is that we are governed not by the gardeners and foremen continuous “adjustment” by treating the people like an inanimate object. Then, when they are polishers and taxi drivers in his beloved West, I wonder how these “pieces of wood” were able to get rid of them. Near them are former secretaries of district committees, city party committees, etc. Both of the two upper classes of Russia, tsarist and Soviet, explain their historical defeat a Fluke, a conspiracy, but did not want to admit his guilt. Question – are the current owners of Russia think that will ever rule Russia, regardless of her deepest interests as a country and civilization? Sorry, we have no reason to believe that this time it will cost. On the contrary, quite the scientific method of analogy tells us that there is, and this time will not do! It’s hard to say how, but the elite of Western civilization, at least intuitively, understand that for us is the greatest harm: the gradual deprivation of cultural sovereignty! The IOC decision has already divided the society, triggering a debate in which the loudest sounds are of the opinion that nothing bad, the athletes should not suffer etc., to spit on the flag, the anthem. This is a blow to the heart of people’s souls. This is a test: can I press on. If Russia does not respond, then the patience of national consciousness together with all the humiliation of the thirty years of the history of Russia is overloaded the test from the state.

The effects in the long term can be disastrous, and when their time comes, they will not be managed for the current elite just like in 1917 and 1991-93.

But the answer should be, not only in terms of our participation in the Olympic movement organized by the West by their rules. Thanks to the decision of the IOC need to see that the West of us, at least, does not like. He sees us as a civilization competitor, which again may become the second pole in the world. It is necessary to reconsider our participation in all of the Western institutions (WTO, IMF, OSCE…), quietly, carefully, but steadily. We must begin to live for themselves, overthrown the West with the judges ‘ podium, where we voluntarily put all our Affairs. It is necessary to find solutions to a sense of national pride began to return. Then there will be problems and with the presidential election. The attack of the West can and should be used to begin the process of national Revival of Russia. Otherwise flippant attitude of the state to such attributes of state power, as a flag, anthem, coat of arms can deliver to society the question of the inviolability of the institution of the President! Come to think of it.

You can start with the painless: make the decision to withdraw from the IOC, the decision on termination of its participation in the Olympic movement.

The Olympic movement has outlived its usefulness, has become too politicized. The Georgian-Ossetian military conflict somehow coincides with the summer Olympic games in China in 2008, the Maidan in Kiev – with the winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, the IOC decision on the Russian team – with the upcoming presidential elections in 2018. It is obvious that our participation in the Olympic movement used in the West in a New Cold war against us and is our Achilles heel. In addition, the refereeing has returned to the lawlessness of the first Olympic games, when in whatever was necessary to ensure the superiority of the athletes of Western civilization. This was vividly demonstrated in Rio, when the Americans, with the loss of relay baton was given the opportunity of perezapisi.

The decision not to participate in the Olympic movement in its time did the tsarist government (because of the problems of judging), in which Russia was a part of the political system of Western civilization; the Soviet Union, which was the second pole of the world. You can come up with an initiative to create alternative Olympic movement, it is possible not to do that. It depends on the support of other countries non-Western civilization. Our professionals will be enough the world Championships. But their leagues have to do spectacular, giving them the released funds. We need children’s and youth sports, primarily. It is necessary to increase the number of youth clubs in all sports. For example, the poor football is for kids and youth football at our level, but where are the young talents? Away from the sport. The number of professional clubs we have at times lower than in Germany, whose population is almost two times less. Why? Yes, because the German economy is significantly greater than the economy of Russia.

Achievements in professional sports have to be derived from achievements in the economy, the level of life of citizens. It’s sad when run across the field dollar millionaires, and they are supported by simple destitute people.

Your Russian Championships to open, with decent prizes. If the results for them will exceed the world and Olympic records, the Western society to speak differently. We all remember a series of games in hockey with the Canadians: they had a shock that the Soviet “Amateurs” playing along with their professionals. And if you do not hold the world Cup? Well, what of it? Just need someone to give up on it! Yes, billions, but even more will be saved. The West is likely going to hurt us with the world Cup, if we did not respond to the decision of the IOC for the winter Olympics. Must cease to grovel before them, we must cease to go to them searching for the truth. Our officials need to understand that in foreign relations there’s no place to the higher law of Christian morality – love, but applies the old Testament law sensibly understood uses: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”. Western civilization not only comes from the law, but always went beyond. American foreign policy formula is: “the Law ends where the sphere of our interests!”. It is certainly not our law, we are a self – sufficient civilization, we don’t need to Rob the other, and there is this need in our national character. But we need to at least learn to respond adequately, and not play endless giveaway with the West, artificially wasting the energy of people started condemning his story in a continuous drama.

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